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That’s Me? When My Wish Runs Amok!

To me to become world’s richest man can never be a plausible wish. Answer is very simple. To be a richest man what is needed? A reasonable amount of monetary belongings required at first given which I can start my journey. I lack it, solemnly declaring. It is frenzied when the utmost optimism provokes me to reverie it. It does not have any real. But if my uncontrolled thought for a wink made me a billionaire not bad at all. That’s not me for sure but a dreamy stay in a lavish accommodation full of all amenities and securities is amazing, courtesy my wish running amok.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Sometimes my wish incites me to be a politician for a good cause, I got excited. Especially when I think being a top political leader of the country I would serve nation and people and above all I will be the last person to decide upon people’s fate. Now Anil Kapoor starrer Hindi movie ‘Nayak: The Real Hero’ comes in my memory and how only within a short span Shivaji Rao Gaekwad made the best for the people of the country. It is possible, courtesy my wish running amok.
When I dream of becoming an economist, for delivering the best policy to the nation, again got excited. During this crisis-ridden situation a best economic policy is obligatory. Being an Economist suppose I have successfully made the best policy elixir and people are best benefitted. Oh, what a nice journey as an economist. My dream economics always hover around the marginal livelihood and sees big within it. The best for the marginal class is the best for the prosperity of the nation. An apt economic policy thus could bring people out of the blue for sure, courtesy my wish running amok.
Sometime I dream myself as a social worker. I don’t like to work on propaganda rather put more focus on understanding the soul of society. Society is very silently bearing the brunt of uncertain invasions on multiple aspects. Thus to heal it properly is subject to best care and understanding. Otherwise a single wrong step may be more painful for it. So to be more correct it needs a monkish treatment. Like before treating the ‘inequality in society’ as a case it’s more important to realise inequality and reject iniquity first. I feel it is very crucial to come close to the heart of the society and then to scare locusts away by beating drums. A better dawn then is must I believe, courtesy my wish running amok.
To be a good human being is a thought of my last resort. When fail to become all above I have mentioned and rest with nothing instant my running wish without any fail stick to it as it is within my reach. A ‘good human being’ always suits everything and has a genuine capacity to perform beyond imagination in a magical way. Here Gandhiji penetrates me more with his teaching of self realisation. Yes a ‘good human being’ is the best constituent of society to best realise the pains and pleasure. If all else fail a ‘good human being’ will survive tall to bring us out of blue. At the end I deny to be a failure, courtesy my wish running amok. Yes that’s me replicating the life eternal which remains jubilant forever.