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A Roaring Silence Sounds Success

Silence literally indicates a peaceful state of presence of everything. It can never roar at least. Here my point of concern on identifying silence with a roaring note is full of incongruity. Moreover a noise never claims to bear the resemblance of silence. To give justice to the contradictory beautification of a clam now is my session. Like an act of aggression silence also have energy but in a dormant state apparently as it fails to be expressed instantly on a cause-effect formulae. It manifested gradually without breaking the bank. 

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Silence of Dawn: the beginning of the day always marked by an unique intelligence of silence. The nature then starts to wake up harmoniously with a silent call of birds. An ubiquitous call of silence let the whole earth to work in congruence. Such a nice bondage is present in universe with a tuning of a clairvoyant silence. The growth of the day breaks the silence of nature and invaded gradually by the sound of civilisation. It let not allow us to hear the voice of nature. The silence of the very dawn unites all creatures, gives a fresh healing to the mandate of the day. Our duty is only to religiously imbibe it and see a reflection in every piece of work. Such a nice way the cosmic intelligence plays the life bugle and reminds us to be a success in every piece of work all through the day.
Silence of Work: During day we all remain engaged in our usual works which is primary to our livelihood. In the mere din and bustle we forget to work in sync with the call of silence. The mandate of profit motivation controls the whole spectrum of work and forces us to remain far away from the call of consciousness. So the work becomes burdensome and snatched all our life energy. But a piece of work when practiced in tandem with the practice of silence miraculously could rejuvenate us, just unbelievable. A completion of hard work without sweat of fatigue is the trick of silence. It allows the cosmic intelligence to work for us and bring best reward. To read success in terms of rewarded possessions thus has made the path of civilisation a rat race. Practicing silence in every single piece of work confirms success without fail and finally it counts to be a best happiness.
Silence of Prayer: The evening marks the beginning of night and amicably gives a pause to the busy routine of the day of works.  In the evening it’s like the nature again close its eyes and concentrates in between eyebrows to sing the song of silence on a holiest note. After the hectic work schedule of the day the time of rest or to sit in isolation even get a nominal chance to be free for the noise of works. The assignment of works still penetrates, deny leaving us free yet and above all conspire to kill vitals of life ceaselessly. Nature’s in-built system of evening for our wellbeing again sounds the bugle of silence. It reminds us again and again to get the best fruits of silence, to fill life with a pie of pleasure. Let us play in tune with the cosmic conscience of silence to get rid of pains. Let us make the prayer of silence a pious deed of life.
Silence of Sleep: During the night when we all sleep the nature still remained alive with its silent presence and works relentlessly to keep us free from the brunt of subconscious thought which left us in a restless condition. Very frustratingly the sleeping time is more violently being invaded. To remain in silence during sleep need to be learnt out of cosmic intelligence. Nature is always supportive; just a little effort from our part to be silent could make the whole sleeping a success. The next dawn thus unfolds us with a joy of happiness.
Here I have just tried to see how the silence, the call of the cosmos, being tormented by the aggression of works and desires of profit. But every moment in the name of profit by breaking the silence merely incur a loss of vigour and vitality of life. The apparent success in the mundane world ultimately cries in the wilderness when it fails to lure its vitals from the silence. The highest civilisation and livelihood today in a broader note have failed to recognise the practice of silence and is at loggerheads. Success only gets justice when it brings an eternal happiness. Let us roar with silence to destroy all evils and make happiness a habit.