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If I Want To Be An Animal First!

We human beings are appreciably a best creation of the almighty God. We are supreme blessed transcendental aura of the highest order. We are vested with the highest most power to build our own home at the helm of superficial affairs. All attributes I have referred so far only to insinuate the human beings are only a few. Beyond all references to fuse with the almighty God is our best freedom. Above all we are unconstrained to have whatever we need; the man-made civilisation is the best manifested testimony. What else do we need? All rest creatures are on back foot in a sense thus. They are only limited to the survival and bound by the law of nature.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
With the due passage of time development of scientific study and discoveries have unfolded opportunities a galore. But to facilitate the work most often very desolately we have wrecked havoc on the natural laws to see the tall civilisation of a blue eyed dream. And at the end an unending desire of our thought capacity thus has trapped us in prison of pains. The excessive growth of civilisation served us a bounty.
To get more out of the external world we have dejected the true world of happiness and unconsciously at odds with the law of nature. Still at this point a solemn declaration of our failure may draw flak. Failure is in a sense of growing concerns over unhealthy rise of anti-green issues. It is in fact imperative now to bring a balance between ‘better off’ and ‘worse off’.
In journeys of making civilisation a grand success the feeling of freedom has worked a lot. And it was always not bound by the law of nature. By breaking the laws of nature according to the grapevine freedom can never be realised and enjoyed. Like long years back we have freed ourselves from colonialism and got a free India. That was a grand victory to all of us. We then started a journey of freedom which was intended to. And more than seventy years age old freedom still starving with looming figure of poverty, disparity, inequalities etc. It was never desirable in the post-independence situation. What gave us so much desired freedom? Amount of distress till now has failed to prove the spirit of freedom. The socio-economic complexities and lack of education of humanity still imprisoned us in the cave of colonialism. Remarkably the path of M K Gandhi’s fighting with colonialism never failed to notice the call from within. He always had spoken about the strength of soul spirit to break the colonial might. He tried religiously and laid foundation for a tangible freedom which has an etheric reach. Freedom not for enjoyment only but it needs best care of ethical preaching every moment. I think Gandhiji tried to give the highest message on how to relish freedom in a religious way which is central to wrestle the crisis today. He was a highest visionary of our soil and avid follower of the laws of nature.
The Maya (illusion) of colonialism can never be seen in a bared eye. It needs a meditative effort to unfold its real nature. Its dogmatic presence in all sphere of life is a reality. Every moment a patrolling on the highway of tall civilisation is very urgent. A wink of chance to the colonial Maya thus may be very fatal to us. The laws of nature have amicably built an immunity programme to fight the colonial germs and let it not destroy by calling the perishable comfort of civilisation as well as modernisation. Within the ambit of the law of nature the highest civilisation is always been manifested by the universal brotherhood and cooperation.  Own ‘better off’ at the cost of other’s ‘worse off’ is anti to the rule of the law of nature and can never augur well for the welfare of society. To build a best society is the best practiced humanity. The highest order of religion can be realised by a fellow feeling for others not by mongering petty ideals.
Meanwhile my course of writing has availed number of avenues to grasp the idea on which way life to be practiced to go in tune with the laws of nature so that the civilisation of brotherhood could be best realised. The title of this article at a glance may blow my readers since I first wanted to be an animal. No don’t think that I am looking down on human race. Here I am just going to emphasize the animal spirit of being within the laws of nature which can be a new direction for our journey.        

Mastering ‘The Life Divine’

Now if I throw a question on ‘existence of God’ in open air perhaps the common rejoinder might take the side of dissent. The perspective which will work in favour of the consensus might be from the angle of an excruciating woe we are bearing with. It is often said that if the God exists then why do people suffer, why social anomie is mastering the course of evolution of livelihood? Today we are not only being ill with the ongoing pandemic, the social crisis of insecurity moreover rapping us brutally. The reason of survival every moment is tarnished by untoward experiences. The fear of uncertainties is impeding all walks of life. Above all it is such a crisis where no expertise is worth effective, all intellectual resources are at loggerhead. We all know that when all options in life are in mess there remains an absolute way out. The grand success of all crisis-ridden life is the best example of it. Then why we now are at a halt? Why nothing is working well to bring us out of the tragedy? Where is the lag lie? Besides our individual effort to make our participation free and fair there are policies, governments, organisations etc all but we are going to cry at this place at the end.  

Pix by Amit K Sikder
To fathom solutions of all obvious queries is a most demanded context today. To settle it down to a conclusion the time has been alarmingly counting our moral and ethical vigour and to respond accordingly is in dire need of realisation. I personally believe in the exercise of an intricate journey towards self-realisation which could bring the best for us. And thus here I am trying with the divine policy to defy the obnoxious agony in life.     
Ancient religious texts have deciphered and embodied the jewel of tricks to build our life as per our demand. It has very strongly claimed the presence of God’s, the supreme power, blessings in our life and we human beings are God’s own image. We all are a genuine reflection of the supreme divine power. Now for the sake of symposium if I recognize it as a truth then we easily can mould the state of affairs. But the ongoing hurly-burly keeps us at a wits end. It should not have happened when the claim of religious says are true.
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), a British philosopher, mathematician, historian, writer, political activist and a Nobel laureate, was an atheist. He was once questioned what would he do if he faced God after death? There are said that he replied, “I will question- the almighty God, why did you give me so little proof of my existence? He also said in the horrible world we live in, there is no sign that there is a representative of a mighty benefactor. But it is really hard for me to read between the lines of the statement. Very simply it has an atheistic tone.  
Ancient sages and monks who have grilled the highest ritualistic discipline in the oven of austerity finally come out with a vibrant message of universal peace and happiness. Thus two outcomes are incongruous in nature and who supposed to be the best practitioner of ethics (in society we can perform anything as per our wish without hampering its balance and generous course of growth), we the general people who are the victim or sages and monks who are the achiever to be evaluated justly.
I personally in favour of a religious belief system which could carry us forward to a better livelihood. Belief system is too important in guiding the destiny of people and nation. German sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920) in his famous text The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1905) has noticeably pointed out the role of Protestant ethic in establishing the cause of emergence of an out-and-out Capitalism. A strong belief system thus is very crucial in determining the course of social actions and goals. The socialist pattern of our country is a Constitutional communiqué and to reap its best we need to be socialist first. To follow a strong socialistic belief pattern is a need indeed to stay on the crests of a socialist success.
Now taking the strong belief pattern as an important key to the course of my discussion first of all I would like to exercise the role of analysing micro protocol of Self-realisation. Realising the self as well as the inner most physiology of human construction is complicated in a sense of revealing the dark world to the illuminating light. It makes every single atomic configuration purest and help us to understand our duties and responsibilities toward nation and people and allow the lotus of universal brotherhood to bloom. We often say charity begins at home. Yes if we start to care ourselves it will obviously be manifested well in our surroundings. What I mean to say beyond believing God to believe in thyself is enough to be illuminated by the light of prosperity. The feeling of brotherhood along with the light of prosperity surely will torch the evil of our life.
External institutions are working constantly for eradicating pains of life but the time is desperately demanding the charity at home. The economics now need to be practiced carefully in garnering the internal resources. Let us meditate upon ‘the self’ to build a better tomorrow. And let allow the divine economics play to spoilsport the game of disaster.
Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!            

Pie in the Poverty!

The global resolution on eradicating poverty is in big halt today amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a biggest social evil for long. To contemplate it well analysis have been made on different angles and concluded on absolute and relative basis. The theoretical basis of the aspect is an obvious compulsion to counter its uneven spread every moment. The world today is trying hard to back in normal course but the cost of the transition is very high and need to cough up hefty bucks from the fiscal pockets. In this critical point to dig deep into the crisis of poverty is beyond feasibility. So what social evolution is awaiting us? And what will be the fate of the poverty-stricken mass who are crying for appetite.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Poverty has always been a winner against its eradication policy and now it is grappling the society in a rapid pace. The world economic downfall today has made every government helpless to take an accommodative stance and no feasible solution is seen. It’s a biggest obligation to bear with. Now we are on the edge and the time has come to see the problem on a religious eye (Given the situation I am just trying to see it bit differently). Let us try an effort to give a holistic healing to the problem. When crisis dominates the course of life every moment either we gain strength or finish. Gaining strength and to fight it back is life. An honest endeavour can never fail.
And to start with an avid observation on the aspect is indispensable. Apart from appetite the reach of poverty has invaded our mental and physical sphere also. Increasing level of crimes, tensions, insecurity, health hazards etc all are different avatars of it. All these are also in high correlation to the problem and thus the complexity of the concern is growing everyday.
Swami Vivekananda, the high priest of our country, was very deeply saddened and strongly urged the need of religious education to rebel the roar of poverty. To raise the common mass he favoured the Vedic education system which treats all equally. A religious way of education to bring forth the self is the best way, as Vivekananda viewed. The time is really alarming us to realise the inner potential and to break the outer bottlenecks. ‘We could serve ourselves better’ is an eternal quest of life. Yes if we want to serve ourselves we will surely be served by the divine will. So let us allow the divine intervention and pledge for eradicating poverty from within. Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) in his book ‘The Law of Success’ very divinely quoted the aspiration of seekers “The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success”.           

...In The Midst of Misery

The journey of human civilisation was never been smooth. During the very early phase of the civilisation human being in want of a little comfort in life started to live together and made livelihood bit easier to an extent re collecting foods, making shelter and so on. The life then was simple in a sense of a cohesive participation with the nature. So no remarkable conflict was seen in the path of evolution. But with the due passage of time the sense world has been luring the human civilisation aggressively and today we are on its threshold limit. When the heat start to scorch we have the machine to reverse it, when it is too cold it is no problem to make it comfortable, when it is required to cover a long distance within a short time we are not helpless – so with the advancement of civilisation we have made the best comfort available to us except overcoming some natural calamities out of the blue.

The Sky
Pic Credit: Partha Roy
Today the whole civilisation is crying with turbulent crisis covering a wider aspect of life. To make life a best comfort very unknowingly we are in conflict every moment, we are really in illusion to realise the real need of life.
Paying due respect to others I want to mention about the call of our ancient sages and scriptures which very auspiciously have consecrated the tricks of life. It has been boldly mentioned that the outward journey of life is a reason of misery (which Adi Sankaracharrya quoted as Dukham) because it is not permanent. Very simply I can validate this proposition with an example of simple concept of Economics like when we get the desired product and start to consume the utility of this gradually start to diminish and even become negative in a sense of dissatisfaction. And at this point a want for other things start to grow and become a reason of Dukham and the misery haunts us to grow more desirous. Altogether it brings us to a state of misery, but we strongly crave for happiness. Here it is worth mentioning that Buddhism talks of sarvam dukham dukham; sarvam kshanikam kshanikam; everything is full of sorrow; everything is from moment to moment. Now very consciously if we look around we could easily realise that happy events can soon fade from memory but sufferings cannot be forgotten. So the journey to the sense world proves that misery (Dukham) is real. Thus we owe allegiance to ancient sages and scriptures on blessing us with the trick to understand Dukham.   
The run of civilisation on the ladder of ‘instant comfort’ is non-existent but the journey inward to rediscover the self-existent light of knowledge could be a wise pick in the modern world. The highest level of misery out of the mundane world may fit the ladder of civilisation differently. The time has come and I am very upbeat to see a new dawn.  

Can Corona Cure ‘Conscience in Coma’?

Very critical phase the world is passing by amid lock-down due to Corona outbreak. Everyday we are shattering to a ‘critical region’ of asymmetry of data on socio-economic parameters ranges from food to fever, polity to policy, job to joblessness and above all globalisation to regionalisation – a catastrophic journey of the advanced civilisation for the first time the generation is experiencing with a shiver of making self isolated either or by breaking it. 

Experts across globe are busy in decoding the disease, journalists are trying to bring their best shot, policy planners are at loggerhead, legislators are busy in picking the potential for power to amend the future of their fate; altogether the journey is to find an end of this pandemic from where we can start afresh. The solution apparently seems to be very close but somewhere it ends with an illusion. 
Interestingly in the pre-corona phase when we all were at our as usual life an uneven conflict of interest was of paramount importance in International affairs but the ‘corona inflexion’ now has embedded the whole concentration of the globe within the ‘walls of researching the remedy’. Every moment now is very costly as the arithmetic of the trade-off between lock-down and normalcy alarms us to not to do anything in haste.

Pix by Amit K Sikder

Is it an idle situation to make an inward journey? I mean a high time to decode the basics of the ‘five principles’ of the body or to roam around the crisis with fear and confusions? Let us meditate upon and transcends the supreme power which already exists within. Very interestingly ‘the nature’ has started to heal itself after suffering a prolonged illness out of the advancement of the civilisation and we are being the part of nature are suffering, how can it be? So we are simply left with a ‘crisis of conflict’ within ourselves which is unprecedented. Let us start the journey to integrate ourselves with our mother nature which eternally denies the self abnegation and ‘pollution of thought’. Please think again and again that the ‘mother nature’ is very affectionately reminding us to mingle into the eternal truth. Let us take education from the subtle principles of nature so as to rejuvenate the spirit of life and throw away the menace of ‘corona' – a conscience juggler.