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Tolerance Does A King

The world is growing exorbitantly. Amazing, we hanker after it for long. We have made it with a giant growth of industry, trade, people etc all and in particular the best means of communication which has united us under a single umbrella ‘the universe’. We are finely intermingled with the globalisation thread. It is as if everyone is invited today to the joyous sacrifice (Sacred oblation; Anonda Jogge) of the world. It seems to be a sure manifestation of Rabindranath Tagore’s philosophy.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
A primordial nature of getting united always lured us out of an accord. A mere reading of the history of invasions and launderings fails to fathom the beauty behind it. An intention of winning the battle and establishing dominance miraculously turned into en enrichment of thoughts, culture and creations with the passage of time. The sphere of knowledge and understanding sprouted finally to give a better course to the evolution of society. Like, even today when we visit the highest installations and monuments built during Muslim, English, French, Dutch and Portuguese reigns get bewildered how a clear picture of Indian society and its ancient heritage had been portrayed. All wounds of exploitations with the due passage of time has wiped away but the best of life still being chanted by all big monuments. A nice part of lesson, Hindu, Muslims, English, Dutch, Portuguese all are united today and highest monuments are bearing a religious note of highest unity.
The call of globalisation today is like a soothsaying I feel. It is a successful consensus in making the best unity among us without exploitation. It is our long sought and finally we are blessed with the gift of globalisation. We must rouse our holy spirit for the joyous sacrifice of the globe.
Today amid the pandemic it seems we all are in a forceful meditative state. A forceful meditative state does not go well, but I have concluded this way as the situation mostly brings pains to us and we are not fit enough to tolerate it. Let give a pause and observe with a keen attention, a participation in hurry now may not augur well moreover could harm us violently. So it will be an intelligent to move with a calm and it’s bound to come within our ambit. It is the rule of the Universe. Let us play the sham of a placid mind full of tolerance. A united feeling of globalisation has tremendous spirit to overcome the turbulence if it is exercised with a pious sense of tolerance.
A juicy titbit of conflicts can never be a subject of a concern today. A participation of numerous ideas on a single platform of the universe sometime might sum up to a conflict, but that cannot be an ultimate consensus. To debate over it is like to waste time and burden the mind. It wrecks havoc on our attitude. Now the time is to dump it and move on.
The idea of tolerance only could carry us to the zenith. Tolerance is our finest might and does a king.