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When Dream Of Democracy Is In Doldrums!

Democracy today is in turmoil to fathom its own identity. The Constitution of our country during the time of its declaration very ardently put a holy thrust on preserving the essence of country’s fundamental deed. It’s more than seventy years back the gala event took place. Today the ‘Constitutional Democracy’ is thus matured seventy years old and now to take an account of the gap between ‘severe seventy’ and ‘successful seventy’ is very vital task. Meanwhile with the entrance in global field our fundamental parameters are very much prone to the aspect of ‘choice and uncertainty’.
The evolution of society at each and every point of time demands changes on different socio-economic dimensions, it’s quite natural. Simultaneously it’s a social responsibility of people and ‘class’ across board to allow society’s own manifestation besides required norms. A very judicious combination of both will auger well to bring a better livelihood and participation. Very awkwardly I am not demanding Max Weber’s ‘Ideal society’ but expecting the intervention of ‘invisible hand’ of democratic philosophy. Let it not die!

Pix by Amit K Sikder

Today the most economic parameters are in peril as a consequence of Corona pandemic and resulted in big social disarray. To bring together the whole demographic concerns we do need a cohesive effort. The arithmetic of calculating ‘who is responsible and who is not’ is subject to an unending debate. So let us move away and go for a better practice of humanity rather than policy and politics.
This moment Dr Ambedkar commits to my memory very prominently, the chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution, who very strongly located the downtrodden of the society from the angle of caste. Gandhiji, the father of the nation, cited them on religious angle, the core of which was to look inward and feel the strength. Altogether both put special emphasis on bringing them to the mainstream so as to reap the best demographic dividend. They tested the Indian soil on a holistic plate and will never be forgotten for their keen to understand the ‘Vision India’, which is very much necessary today especially during the time of a radical paradigm shift of socio-economic parameters in an adverse manner and when the ‘real balance effect’ cries foul. 
The conjugated concern of socio-economy if bifurcated vehemently then the real growth of democracy gets hindered either on ground of economic policy or social programmes. Initiatives a galore we have seen since post-independence but where the lag lies? - A trillion dollar question. Is it a ‘failure of policy’ or ‘poverty of thought’?
To compensate the severe concern of pandemic the government has roped in on the grand policy of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ to facilitate the isolated distress of the country and its people. We Aaam Admi (general people) of the country are eagerly waiting to see a reflection of the policy in our life which every moment is about to die down at economic, social and psychological level. Above all the democratic government is highly responsible in delivering right norms for the society but today in this tumultuous time when the health sector of the country is a tremendous failure then at least issues like the mushrooming growth of intermediaries who are misleading people about diagnosis of Corona virus, its report etc and private hospitals’ confiscated bills may be monitored just for the electorate. The democratic demand of people today may be a distant dream but a minimal assurance of not being laundered from the part of the government will get blessings of ‘Ram Lala’ ( a major deity of Hinduism, 7th incarnation of God Vishnu), for sure.