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Covid-19, a calamity; Stress, a killer

When a comparison comes on ‘mortality’ figure a number of studies confirm that deaths related to stress surpass easily the number of death due to Covid-19 pandemic. But unfortunately we are scared of the ongoing crisis. It has shattered life in all forms. People across world are in uncertainty about the future and waiting for an immediate ending to the crisis. It’s beyond our perception when and how the normalcy will be back in life.
We all are trying hard to come to the normal course with all sorts of caution and care but every moment the spread of the virus kept us in distress. A fear of being infected always haunting us and the anxiety has started to take hold of the minimal existing comfort still have with us. The modern world has yielded growing trauma to life and the burgeoning concern of mental disorders have taken a giant shape worldwide. Several social and economic factors are highly accountable to the concern. And the Covid-19 pandemic is like last nail in the coffin of the ‘dead consciousness’. What comes next? 
We are on the edge of life. This moment a single mistake is obvious death for all across board. Death is in a sense of losing the battle. Here a generous decision either for ourselves or for other only could bring us the win. In a trickier sense a religious practice of delivering duties to society is the demand of the time, no other options left. It’s bit critical but crossing the hurdle of ‘inflexion’ is only way out for a paradigm shift in society and self.

Pic Credit: Partha Roy

Covid-19 is a different type of calamity in terms of its tenure and uncertainty. But with the due passage of time we are learning to go and grow with it. It’s a best part of life. Life has started to learn to live with an uncertainty. And the Corona nightmare will be the looser some day for sure.
Out of this critical injecture of life the best take away will be to preserve the experience for prospering in future. The super natural force ‘the God’ surely does exist and the Covid-19 pandemic as an ignorance killer alarming us every moment to learn to be conscious. A better dawn is awaiting us.