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When Practice Of Religion Needs A Judicial Care

Durgotsav’, a biggest religious event in Bengal as well as India is experiencing a rare setback this year due to growing concern of Corona virus contamination. We do wait year long to observe it with an extreme enthusiasm. Irrespective of caste, class and creed we all participate with our highest verve. The festival with its unique ambience unfolds a fresh lease of life to all.
Since March to contain the spread of Covid-19 our normal course of life is habituated with a new normal ‘social distancing’. It is no doubt a hard task to be practiced in populous country like India. But yet we have made it to a norm to social functioning. It was not that much easy to accept as it has claimed huge number of lives on ground of uncertainties which crippled the minimum chance of survival to marginal earners. Now fortunately the figure of contamination has started to diminish despite unlocking of major settlements.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
It was our highest optimism of faith that the demon Corona finally will be defeated by the Mother goddess Durga (recognized as the main Hindu goddess of war, combat evil and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity etc). A strong belief pattern in religious practice is infallible, but a meditative reconnection to almighty always has been prioritised by all ancient sages. The government to widen up some scope of earnings to the marginal class as well as business community, above all to the economic concern of the society opened its nod for the biggest happening. Both belief and reality here can’t be avoided to keep alive the pulse of heart and to fill up the appetite.
The very ‘secular’ philosophy of our soil enshrined in the Constitution never entertains any intervention and patronising of religious belief. Yesterday’s verdict of the High Court apparently seems inapt but I think it is quite apt on ground of preserving the public interest in such a deadly pandemic plethora. The judiciary here not against the religious practice but paying heed to the highest call of humanity more religiously. Thank you, High Court for finally doing the right thing amicably in keeping the order of society. The time is so vital that we must negotiate with the verdict for our good. The court also has declared all puja pandal as containment zone. It is well disappointing to padal-hoppers. But for the sake of society let us follow this at least for this year. The mother goddess Durga is always with us to save us from all evils. Let us pray in isolation for a bigger reason of being united very soon.
Above all it is a testing time for us to weed out the evil from within by practicing the mantra of brotherhood.  Society very piously needs some generous endeavour from our part so that the call of ‘new normal’ will finally be manifested as a best conscience to carry us to the abode of almighty – our ultimate destiny.