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Remembering a Political Ideology ‘Atal’

While watching television day after the death of Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister of India, I become so optimistic with the utterance of ideology across party leaders. Everybody is remembering him, his works and paying their last respects. Yes they are not on a formal visit but expressing their concern for the void of a ‘political ideology’ which is far beyond party politics. It’s an auspicious day for all Indians to speak up their mind and to resolute for a ‘real good’ to be respected. The truth can never be forgotten. 

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Today all dailies have filled their editions with ‘Mr Vajpayee and his works’. Apart from his political acumen he had been successful in economic front, foreign affairs and above all bringing the society out of the ‘narrow view of socialism’. Today, it seemed all Indians across class are hallucinated and speaking ‘Indian’. I am really optimistic. Let us every moment be hallucinated and keep the interest of ‘nation and people’ above everything. 
Yesterday I was overwhelmed when TV channels were telecasting how people across class and communities were praying for his recovery. What does it prove? Yes real ‘politics’ is bound to be respected. Today’s pluralism of politics if be a part of Indian diversities – no problem as it surely will fabricate the Indian soil with the eradication of ‘ poverty of thought’. I am remembering Mr Vajpayee after giving ‘poverty’ a poetic tone. 
I am optimistic and every Indian should be, as centering around Mr Vajpayee’s last rites all opposition are united, feeling his dearth, death of a ‘political ideology’. Yes it’s still haunts millions Indian minds. Let us stand firm, take oath and not allow to die the ‘Atal’(firmness) of the mind.