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A Greed Gobbles Green Up With Gusto

Green is almighty’s pleasant paint on earth. It is mother earth’s best blessing. It preserves the subtle pran (life) energy with motherly warmth, serves the whole creation with an utmost ardour. The best image of almighty the green is. The whole aphorism of pranic (Vital life force) energy is green’s finest gift bestowed upon us. Green is an eternal truth; green is God visible in bare eye. Worshiping green is our pious responsibility.
Practice of truth, tolerance, universal brotherhood etc all goes well with the green. The real inner green can only contain the outer green. Failing to see the green within thus can never be a success in making external world a peace.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
When green is mind, the society will get its best participant, democracy will be best realised and socialism will be a conscience. What else we need? Today we are in limbo with a critical concern of growing corruption. But it’s not a big problem at all. We have made it a habit and thus become a usual practice. A simple and clear understanding on it is enough that corruption can never benefit anybody even who is practising it. It is proven. A mere policy has less to do with it. It fails to reach to the intended point which is purely internal and wander around like a vagabond. We have seen despite policies the evil is looming recklessly.  
Sometimes excessive exercise of policy throws the fair section of society in some unwanted inconvenience. An uncontrolled desire is the key cause of corruption. So a core green effort can do huge to blot out the transgression.   
When green is education, the highest we can reap out is in terms of having a finest soil for civilisation. The Great poet Rabindranath Tagore said, “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”. Yes the highest education brings the best harmony of participation and tunes the rhythm of social evolution in a generous way. Education can never be a subject of policy priority. It is our birthright.  The highest monk of our country Swami Vivekananda rightly said, it is manifestation of perfection already in men. Sometimes we try to mend it with new set of propositions to fit the dire need of market economy. And at the end it technically leads us to the trail of high productivity but put rare consent on the life force energy and conscience as well. The tall order of trade keeps us busy in money making. But the green food for thought can never be neglected.
When green is freedom, then freedom become an absolute attitude. It cannot be ensured by anybody. It is already within us. No crisis can malign its essence. During crisis a feeling of being dejected undermines the freedom. Freedom remains but the feeling of dejection apparently puts it away. Freedom is the key conscience of the cosmos. To preserve it with a grace of green is subject to a meditative motive. The pure outer world resonates with the pure inner world. It is a sole green rule of life. The demon of greed consumes all our pure (green) with gusto at once.