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Bad Is Our Best Belongings!

We always try not to let the discomfort and suffering spill over into our comfort and happiness. But how can it be? The consciousness of relativity is the key conscience of the cosmos. It is the main balancing factor. To get its right identification light needs darkness like they are eternal companions. Here I am reckoning both light and darkness in a broader nous. We all are worshippers of beauty. So would it be right to ignore the ugly?
A normal journey of our life is not above this conflict and here is the problem. We at all times don’t like to bear with any ache. So when any distress comes we lose all our hope and dynamism. On the whole we want to escape it anyway and get afraid to stand up against the situation. We never want to accept anything that we see as bad in the world. It’s a rigidity of the observation quotient on relative plain.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Basically we all suffer. When a suffering goes away finally we relish it, analyse it and above all achieve an experience. Thus every experiences of life adds feather to our realisation and we learn to observe life from a tranquil stand. All happenings whatever we think as bad at the end of the day rewarded us with a jewel of realisation and help to take new decision in a more concrete way. Every relative bad happening ushered in a new lease of life with the best spirit. Every successful personality in this world has optimally endowed the bad in their life and made beautiful distinction of greatness. More bad have come in their life more they have made it up to a great not for themselves merely but for society also. Therefore we owe an allegiance to all great personalities to realise life in real sense. And it could be a best practice to pay heed to the intrinsic value of life so as to garner the best resources of optimism.  
Bad to nation is also not any exception. If we peep through the past of our country which if full of thorns in a sense of its own crisis as well as external aggression by foreign invaders all have made it to a strong contender in the map of universe finally. Moreover the east philosophy of life strongly calls for an unfolding of inner strength to fight the bad in a prophetic way. It leaves us few notches above in the race of ‘realising life’. Bad is not at all bad. We just need to embrace it with best affection as it plays the role of best identifier of life.
The looming concern of distress in human life mainly gets bewildered by the ‘relative bad’. The ‘relative bad’ is such fatal in thought plane that in a cumulative way culminate to a bigger violence either in our personal life or external affairs. The ‘relative bad’ not only left us dejected, moreover instigate us to respond to the external world accordingly – it’s a biggest fallacy to an attitude towards life.
Today the whole world is bearing with the pain of an unending pandemic. But amid this the uneven growing of regional tensions among all is simply an attitude imbalance. We all are afraid of. And every moment feel scared about breakdown of own settlements. So whatever apparently seems bad we the very moment want to bludgeon it by any means. Here the course of conflict begins. It is very simple if we sit on a single table of parley and conclude cohesively on our identity not as Indians, Americans, Chineese, British, and Russian etc but as we are all equal mankind above all. The time is so crucial in the midst of perpetuated uproar of evil’s emergence from all corners of life and livelihood. Can’t we just go above and beyond and read about humanity first?