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Let Us Do An Ant In Life

For last few days I am quite puzzled with an indecent behaviour of ants. They are roaming everywhere in my home. They are searching even places like my study table, bed etc where there have no chance of having a morsel of food. Last few days I have spent enough time with them to study their behaviour. To experiment with their activity I place some sugar cubes on the floor and amazingly one ant first visit the place and go back but don’t carry it. After sometime they came in numbers and start collecting it. This behaviour of a tiny insects teach me a high philosophy of life, I am fully plagued. Their social bondage and living style uniquely mark a significance of an elevated way of life.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
Great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore’s first journey into the intricate world of highest creativity and art started with an avid observation on them. A typical dish of Bengali comprised of Amsatta (an Indian fruit leather made out of mango pulp), Dudh (milk) and Sandesh (is a dessert made out of milk and sugar) when is being enjoyed by someone with a sound ‘Hapus Hupus’ (a Bengali colloquial used to represent sound of eating liquid or semi-liquid food) only few ants are approaching it, this event was first scripted by Tagore in his creative world.              
There are several reasons of their intrusion in home. I am not going to that topic. To get rid of this for the time being I was enquiring about how to control their movement. But at the end my ‘mission ant’ concluded with a best learning in my life and lured me to write something what I have perceived so far. When workers of their community find a source of food they return to their colony and on the way excrete a chemical called pheromone, which triggers a social response in members, and make a trail so that it becomes easier to others to find the food. What a sense of togetherness they practice in their life. And the whole algorithm of their movement at the behest of togetherness leaves us with a highest lesson of life.
Where we lack the Pheromones of life? The gradual growth of civilisation has brought a radical change in our life. We have grown manifold in number of aspects but somewhere live a solitary in society. The breakdown of joint-family system into micro-family concept is a crude example of that. It does not benefit us anyway rather make us more isolated and severely blocks the all-round development of mental etiquette.
How we can restore a habit of Pheromones in our life? This quarry should get a priority call I think for making society a secured place of participation. We don’t lack in resources. Yes we have. Like ants we have our democracy pheromone. It has a tremendous will to gather us together in a moment. The highest philosophy of democracy will help us to play an ant in our life. Today this moment I am highly optimistic about bringing back all our lost identities in life in a radical way. Democracy here will help us a big to collect our food and livelihood.
While trying to find a way-out on how to control ants in house in internet I got some interesting information. Like, they symbolise good luck and prosperity. I am not sure about it. But it genuinely has blessed me with a clue of how to prosper in life. From today onwards the strict algorithm of ants will be my best learning in life. And above all it has unfolded me with an understanding of the highest philosophy of democracy. My puzzle with ants finally has finished with a message of prosperity for all. Let us do ant in life.      


That’s Me? When My Wish Runs Amok!

To me to become world’s richest man can never be a plausible wish. Answer is very simple. To be a richest man what is needed? A reasonable amount of monetary belongings required at first given which I can start my journey. I lack it, solemnly declaring. It is frenzied when the utmost optimism provokes me to reverie it. It does not have any real. But if my uncontrolled thought for a wink made me a billionaire not bad at all. That’s not me for sure but a dreamy stay in a lavish accommodation full of all amenities and securities is amazing, courtesy my wish running amok.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Sometimes my wish incites me to be a politician for a good cause, I got excited. Especially when I think being a top political leader of the country I would serve nation and people and above all I will be the last person to decide upon people’s fate. Now Anil Kapoor starrer Hindi movie ‘Nayak: The Real Hero’ comes in my memory and how only within a short span Shivaji Rao Gaekwad made the best for the people of the country. It is possible, courtesy my wish running amok.
When I dream of becoming an economist, for delivering the best policy to the nation, again got excited. During this crisis-ridden situation a best economic policy is obligatory. Being an Economist suppose I have successfully made the best policy elixir and people are best benefitted. Oh, what a nice journey as an economist. My dream economics always hover around the marginal livelihood and sees big within it. The best for the marginal class is the best for the prosperity of the nation. An apt economic policy thus could bring people out of the blue for sure, courtesy my wish running amok.
Sometime I dream myself as a social worker. I don’t like to work on propaganda rather put more focus on understanding the soul of society. Society is very silently bearing the brunt of uncertain invasions on multiple aspects. Thus to heal it properly is subject to best care and understanding. Otherwise a single wrong step may be more painful for it. So to be more correct it needs a monkish treatment. Like before treating the ‘inequality in society’ as a case it’s more important to realise inequality and reject iniquity first. I feel it is very crucial to come close to the heart of the society and then to scare locusts away by beating drums. A better dawn then is must I believe, courtesy my wish running amok.
To be a good human being is a thought of my last resort. When fail to become all above I have mentioned and rest with nothing instant my running wish without any fail stick to it as it is within my reach. A ‘good human being’ always suits everything and has a genuine capacity to perform beyond imagination in a magical way. Here Gandhiji penetrates me more with his teaching of self realisation. Yes a ‘good human being’ is the best constituent of society to best realise the pains and pleasure. If all else fail a ‘good human being’ will survive tall to bring us out of blue. At the end I deny to be a failure, courtesy my wish running amok. Yes that’s me replicating the life eternal which remains jubilant forever.