Mastering ‘The Life Divine’

Now if I throw a question on ‘existence of God’ in open air perhaps the common rejoinder might take the side of dissent. The perspective which will work in favour of the consensus might be from the angle of an excruciating woe we are bearing with. It is often said that if the God exists then why do people suffer, why social anomie is mastering the course of evolution of livelihood? Today we are not only being ill with the ongoing pandemic, the social crisis of insecurity moreover rapping us brutally. The reason of survival every moment is tarnished by untoward experiences. The fear of uncertainties is impeding all walks of life. Above all it is such a crisis where no expertise is worth effective, all intellectual resources are at loggerhead. We all know that when all options in life are in mess there remains an absolute way out. The grand success of all crisis-ridden life is the best example of it. Then why we now are at a halt? Why nothing is working well to bring us out of the tragedy? Where is the lag lie? Besides our individual effort to make our participation free and fair there are policies, governments, organisations etc all but we are going to cry at this place at the end.  

Pix by Amit K Sikder
To fathom solutions of all obvious queries is a most demanded context today. To settle it down to a conclusion the time has been alarmingly counting our moral and ethical vigour and to respond accordingly is in dire need of realisation. I personally believe in the exercise of an intricate journey towards self-realisation which could bring the best for us. And thus here I am trying with the divine policy to defy the obnoxious agony in life.     
Ancient religious texts have deciphered and embodied the jewel of tricks to build our life as per our demand. It has very strongly claimed the presence of God’s, the supreme power, blessings in our life and we human beings are God’s own image. We all are a genuine reflection of the supreme divine power. Now for the sake of symposium if I recognize it as a truth then we easily can mould the state of affairs. But the ongoing hurly-burly keeps us at a wits end. It should not have happened when the claim of religious says are true.
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), a British philosopher, mathematician, historian, writer, political activist and a Nobel laureate, was an atheist. He was once questioned what would he do if he faced God after death? There are said that he replied, “I will question- the almighty God, why did you give me so little proof of my existence? He also said in the horrible world we live in, there is no sign that there is a representative of a mighty benefactor. But it is really hard for me to read between the lines of the statement. Very simply it has an atheistic tone.  
Ancient sages and monks who have grilled the highest ritualistic discipline in the oven of austerity finally come out with a vibrant message of universal peace and happiness. Thus two outcomes are incongruous in nature and who supposed to be the best practitioner of ethics (in society we can perform anything as per our wish without hampering its balance and generous course of growth), we the general people who are the victim or sages and monks who are the achiever to be evaluated justly.
I personally in favour of a religious belief system which could carry us forward to a better livelihood. Belief system is too important in guiding the destiny of people and nation. German sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920) in his famous text The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1905) has noticeably pointed out the role of Protestant ethic in establishing the cause of emergence of an out-and-out Capitalism. A strong belief system thus is very crucial in determining the course of social actions and goals. The socialist pattern of our country is a Constitutional communiqué and to reap its best we need to be socialist first. To follow a strong socialistic belief pattern is a need indeed to stay on the crests of a socialist success.
Now taking the strong belief pattern as an important key to the course of my discussion first of all I would like to exercise the role of analysing micro protocol of Self-realisation. Realising the self as well as the inner most physiology of human construction is complicated in a sense of revealing the dark world to the illuminating light. It makes every single atomic configuration purest and help us to understand our duties and responsibilities toward nation and people and allow the lotus of universal brotherhood to bloom. We often say charity begins at home. Yes if we start to care ourselves it will obviously be manifested well in our surroundings. What I mean to say beyond believing God to believe in thyself is enough to be illuminated by the light of prosperity. The feeling of brotherhood along with the light of prosperity surely will torch the evil of our life.
External institutions are working constantly for eradicating pains of life but the time is desperately demanding the charity at home. The economics now need to be practiced carefully in garnering the internal resources. Let us meditate upon ‘the self’ to build a better tomorrow. And let allow the divine economics play to spoilsport the game of disaster.
Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!            


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