If I Want To Be An Animal First!

We human beings are appreciably a best creation of the almighty God. We are supreme blessed transcendental aura of the highest order. We are vested with the highest most power to build our own home at the helm of superficial affairs. All attributes I have referred so far only to insinuate the human beings are only a few. Beyond all references to fuse with the almighty God is our best freedom. Above all we are unconstrained to have whatever we need; the man-made civilisation is the best manifested testimony. What else do we need? All rest creatures are on back foot in a sense thus. They are only limited to the survival and bound by the law of nature.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
With the due passage of time development of scientific study and discoveries have unfolded opportunities a galore. But to facilitate the work most often very desolately we have wrecked havoc on the natural laws to see the tall civilisation of a blue eyed dream. And at the end an unending desire of our thought capacity thus has trapped us in prison of pains. The excessive growth of civilisation served us a bounty.
To get more out of the external world we have dejected the true world of happiness and unconsciously at odds with the law of nature. Still at this point a solemn declaration of our failure may draw flak. Failure is in a sense of growing concerns over unhealthy rise of anti-green issues. It is in fact imperative now to bring a balance between ‘better off’ and ‘worse off’.
In journeys of making civilisation a grand success the feeling of freedom has worked a lot. And it was always not bound by the law of nature. By breaking the laws of nature according to the grapevine freedom can never be realised and enjoyed. Like long years back we have freed ourselves from colonialism and got a free India. That was a grand victory to all of us. We then started a journey of freedom which was intended to. And more than seventy years age old freedom still starving with looming figure of poverty, disparity, inequalities etc. It was never desirable in the post-independence situation. What gave us so much desired freedom? Amount of distress till now has failed to prove the spirit of freedom. The socio-economic complexities and lack of education of humanity still imprisoned us in the cave of colonialism. Remarkably the path of M K Gandhi’s fighting with colonialism never failed to notice the call from within. He always had spoken about the strength of soul spirit to break the colonial might. He tried religiously and laid foundation for a tangible freedom which has an etheric reach. Freedom not for enjoyment only but it needs best care of ethical preaching every moment. I think Gandhiji tried to give the highest message on how to relish freedom in a religious way which is central to wrestle the crisis today. He was a highest visionary of our soil and avid follower of the laws of nature.
The Maya (illusion) of colonialism can never be seen in a bared eye. It needs a meditative effort to unfold its real nature. Its dogmatic presence in all sphere of life is a reality. Every moment a patrolling on the highway of tall civilisation is very urgent. A wink of chance to the colonial Maya thus may be very fatal to us. The laws of nature have amicably built an immunity programme to fight the colonial germs and let it not destroy by calling the perishable comfort of civilisation as well as modernisation. Within the ambit of the law of nature the highest civilisation is always been manifested by the universal brotherhood and cooperation.  Own ‘better off’ at the cost of other’s ‘worse off’ is anti to the rule of the law of nature and can never augur well for the welfare of society. To build a best society is the best practiced humanity. The highest order of religion can be realised by a fellow feeling for others not by mongering petty ideals.
Meanwhile my course of writing has availed number of avenues to grasp the idea on which way life to be practiced to go in tune with the laws of nature so that the civilisation of brotherhood could be best realised. The title of this article at a glance may blow my readers since I first wanted to be an animal. No don’t think that I am looking down on human race. Here I am just going to emphasize the animal spirit of being within the laws of nature which can be a new direction for our journey.        


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