Let Us Do An Ant In Life

For last few days I am quite puzzled with an indecent behaviour of ants. They are roaming everywhere in my home. They are searching even places like my study table, bed etc where there have no chance of having a morsel of food. Last few days I have spent enough time with them to study their behaviour. To experiment with their activity I place some sugar cubes on the floor and amazingly one ant first visit the place and go back but don’t carry it. After sometime they came in numbers and start collecting it. This behaviour of a tiny insects teach me a high philosophy of life, I am fully plagued. Their social bondage and living style uniquely mark a significance of an elevated way of life.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
Great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore’s first journey into the intricate world of highest creativity and art started with an avid observation on them. A typical dish of Bengali comprised of Amsatta (an Indian fruit leather made out of mango pulp), Dudh (milk) and Sandesh (is a dessert made out of milk and sugar) when is being enjoyed by someone with a sound ‘Hapus Hupus’ (a Bengali colloquial used to represent sound of eating liquid or semi-liquid food) only few ants are approaching it, this event was first scripted by Tagore in his creative world.              
There are several reasons of their intrusion in home. I am not going to that topic. To get rid of this for the time being I was enquiring about how to control their movement. But at the end my ‘mission ant’ concluded with a best learning in my life and lured me to write something what I have perceived so far. When workers of their community find a source of food they return to their colony and on the way excrete a chemical called pheromone, which triggers a social response in members, and make a trail so that it becomes easier to others to find the food. What a sense of togetherness they practice in their life. And the whole algorithm of their movement at the behest of togetherness leaves us with a highest lesson of life.
Where we lack the Pheromones of life? The gradual growth of civilisation has brought a radical change in our life. We have grown manifold in number of aspects but somewhere live a solitary in society. The breakdown of joint-family system into micro-family concept is a crude example of that. It does not benefit us anyway rather make us more isolated and severely blocks the all-round development of mental etiquette.
How we can restore a habit of Pheromones in our life? This quarry should get a priority call I think for making society a secured place of participation. We don’t lack in resources. Yes we have. Like ants we have our democracy pheromone. It has a tremendous will to gather us together in a moment. The highest philosophy of democracy will help us to play an ant in our life. Today this moment I am highly optimistic about bringing back all our lost identities in life in a radical way. Democracy here will help us a big to collect our food and livelihood.
While trying to find a way-out on how to control ants in house in internet I got some interesting information. Like, they symbolise good luck and prosperity. I am not sure about it. But it genuinely has blessed me with a clue of how to prosper in life. From today onwards the strict algorithm of ants will be my best learning in life. And above all it has unfolded me with an understanding of the highest philosophy of democracy. My puzzle with ants finally has finished with a message of prosperity for all. Let us do ant in life.      


A Desire And An Economics

In language of economics a desire does not mean anything until and unless get a monetary backing. The money, a medium of exchange, has only capacity of making desire a reality. This hardcore economic proposition has a limitation indeed. Time and again desire does an immense shock to the nature of social advancement. To turn into an effective demand shall not be binding upon the desire. Desire is such an attitude of life which play beyond length and breadth of economics at ease. It never bothers the market fundamentals. A demand for goods and services so does fair enough. But desire, an invisible quotient of human psychology, on both count of good and bad has enough to do.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
Amazingly a desire for a good always may not be manifested a good. Be at a stake on its way to get a reality if a good desire avail unfair means the society suffers worse. Without a solid surveillance of education and belief derailment of a good deed of desire at the end is obvious.
The Gurukul system of education, a type of spiritual education system, whose origin dates back to around 5000 BC in the Indian subcontinent where students were taught various subjects and mainly how to live cultured and disciplined life. The moral of simple living and high thinking was the key postulate of the system. Today it is mostly commercialised and the desire of education falls prey to profit. Here economics can take a note of the literacy figure, skilled labour, employment growth etc but miserably fails to count the ethic index of the labour force as well as its productivity. Thus a critical labour law and wage policy may not produce enough. The lack of moral concern in education, beyond productivity is subject to a huge social cost. On the other hand the profit motive of organisations sometimes may not go in tandem with labourer’s wish and produce conflict and costs the society. Exchange of better cooperation comes only from a moral gesture not from the mere education of production technique and management. Moreover I would like to say that managing something may not be a sustainable solution to a problem. Here the urge of making education an industry is within the reach of economics but the real desire of education is in distress at the hand of profit motivation (a profit economics).       
A desire for building a better society, nation never sound bad if and only if it is monitored by a fair and generous attitude. To get hold on to best intention is a hard assignment given complex socio-economic protocol. At this fatal injecture stand firm and fight with the evil’s foray deserves a pat.
Most of evils like poverty, economic deprivation, corruption, racial discrimination, climate-influenced migration and hunger etc all prevalent in society today are visible dragon of desire. Economics has less to do with it though it minutely reads the behavioural aspects. Taking the case of poverty we see how governments are putting their best effort and policies in curbing its reckless growth, but the whole has failed to a greater extent. The economic deprivation is an integral part of poverty. The class disparity mainly pivoting to this crisis and a wider spread of a sense of discrimination is provoking numbers of social aspects. Racial discrimination is very costly to the development of society, hampers the core economic fundamentals harshly but Economics here is helpless. In my opinion the consideration of rationality here bypass a lot in arresting the social cost.
The best capability of every fundamentals in society get realised optimally if the foundation of life is based on an ethical spirit. The ethic has a bias in law in a sense but guided exclusively by an internal motivation that’s its only one of its kind.
An economics may fail to arrest the diversified dimension of desire but a moral policing could bring us a better environment curtailing the social cost to an extent.
In the midst of pandemic the domestic violence has grown manifold. Among all reasons the fear of economic insecurity here plays a big. A desire for a minimum livelihood can’t be denied but most painfully here the desire turns violent in want of opportunities. This limited desire of survival is a fundamental right but the economics fails to reach. We want that economics which is ready to console the desire crying for a monetary backing so that the dream of minimum livelihood become a reality.    


Music and a monk ‘Baba’

I first solemnly assert about my little perception on the vast ocean of music. To portray Ustad Allauddin Khan’s (known as Baba Allauddin Khan, October 8, 1862 – September 6, 1972) life with some more words is like finding pearl from deep sea. From Shenia to Maihar Shenia gharana (Genre) his life is a big journey.  He was born in Shibpur village in Brahmanbaria (presently in Bangladesh). Baba took his first music lessons from his elder brother, Fakir Aftabuddin Khan. Later in his early age he went to Kolkata and managed to become a disciple of Gopal Krishna Bhattacharya (known as Notu Gopal) with help of a physician named Kedarnath. After death of his guru (master) he turned to instrumental music and mastered on many aboriginal and foreign musical instruments under the tutelage of Amritalal Dutt, a cousin of Swami Vivekananda and music director of the Star Theatre. Later great veena exponent Ustad Wazir Khan took him under his auspices and taught him Sarod. It is said that one day he stood in front of Nawab’s (the Nawab of Rampur) vehicle and begged to become Wazir Khan’s disciple and his steadfastness pleased Nawab finally.
All these are just pieces of his life. But beyond everything, a deep yearn for music always kept him obsessed with pursuit.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
Baba Allauddin Khan composed many new ragas like Prabhakali, Saraswati, Shovavati, Hem Bhairav, Hemant, Hem Behag, Manj Khamaj, Madhavasri, Madan Manjari (named after his wife).  A true seeker only could unfold the supreme knowledge, Baba made it with his meditation (sadhana).
Now let me explore the unique width of Indian ragas in connection with the religious perspective. The Indian music has its origin in Vedas as it’s evolved from the intricate and extended chants of Samaveda. A sound balanced with Swar (connotes a note in the consecutive steps of the octave), Taal (repeating rhythm pattern) and raga (a melodic framework in Indian classical music), go well in sync with the cosmic vibrations, the highest religion is established. Indian Ragas in different forms thus by being manifested in varied auras worships male and female deities. It is simply a premier chanting of cosmic mantras and process of rousing the Kundalini (the supreme knowledge; according to Hindu Shastra it is a form of divine feminine energy).  We all know the cosmic sound ‘Aum’ represents consciousness of soul. It reverberates in the universe to balance the whole creation.
Baba with his pious feat has painted a signature in the page of cosmic conscience. His rare is a monk. Apart all gullible religious belief he has made it to a truth how the highest practice of music could serve the whole humanity. Belonging to the Muslim community he has chanted the mantra of Bhairavi (An Indian Raga) with the highest call of humanity and made an exclusive mark in the realm of religion. He did a great for all of us.
All hardships of his life and finally becoming a monk of music unfold an era. Today in between pains of turbulence and intolerance we should not forget to remember this great life and how a divine deed being made beyond all narrowness of evils of thought. Baba is not only a great composer and musician of 20th century above all he is soul-reflect of the humanity. He is the confluence of three truths Raga, Swar and Taal. In the name of supreme humanity he will remain all-pervading in the mind craving for singing the soul.

Tolerance Does A King

The world is growing exorbitantly. Amazing, we hanker after it for long. We have made it with a giant growth of industry, trade, people etc all and in particular the best means of communication which has united us under a single umbrella ‘the universe’. We are finely intermingled with the globalisation thread. It is as if everyone is invited today to the joyous sacrifice (Sacred oblation; Anonda Jogge) of the world. It seems to be a sure manifestation of Rabindranath Tagore’s philosophy.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
A primordial nature of getting united always lured us out of an accord. A mere reading of the history of invasions and launderings fails to fathom the beauty behind it. An intention of winning the battle and establishing dominance miraculously turned into en enrichment of thoughts, culture and creations with the passage of time. The sphere of knowledge and understanding sprouted finally to give a better course to the evolution of society. Like, even today when we visit the highest installations and monuments built during Muslim, English, French, Dutch and Portuguese reigns get bewildered how a clear picture of Indian society and its ancient heritage had been portrayed. All wounds of exploitations with the due passage of time has wiped away but the best of life still being chanted by all big monuments. A nice part of lesson, Hindu, Muslims, English, Dutch, Portuguese all are united today and highest monuments are bearing a religious note of highest unity.
The call of globalisation today is like a soothsaying I feel. It is a successful consensus in making the best unity among us without exploitation. It is our long sought and finally we are blessed with the gift of globalisation. We must rouse our holy spirit for the joyous sacrifice of the globe.
Today amid the pandemic it seems we all are in a forceful meditative state. A forceful meditative state does not go well, but I have concluded this way as the situation mostly brings pains to us and we are not fit enough to tolerate it. Let give a pause and observe with a keen attention, a participation in hurry now may not augur well moreover could harm us violently. So it will be an intelligent to move with a calm and it’s bound to come within our ambit. It is the rule of the Universe. Let us play the sham of a placid mind full of tolerance. A united feeling of globalisation has tremendous spirit to overcome the turbulence if it is exercised with a pious sense of tolerance.
A juicy titbit of conflicts can never be a subject of a concern today. A participation of numerous ideas on a single platform of the universe sometime might sum up to a conflict, but that cannot be an ultimate consensus. To debate over it is like to waste time and burden the mind. It wrecks havoc on our attitude. Now the time is to dump it and move on.
The idea of tolerance only could carry us to the zenith. Tolerance is our finest might and does a king.

A Greed Gobbles Green Up With Gusto

Green is almighty’s pleasant paint on earth. It is mother earth’s best blessing. It preserves the subtle pran (life) energy with motherly warmth, serves the whole creation with an utmost ardour. The best image of almighty the green is. The whole aphorism of pranic (Vital life force) energy is green’s finest gift bestowed upon us. Green is an eternal truth; green is God visible in bare eye. Worshiping green is our pious responsibility.
Practice of truth, tolerance, universal brotherhood etc all goes well with the green. The real inner green can only contain the outer green. Failing to see the green within thus can never be a success in making external world a peace.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
When green is mind, the society will get its best participant, democracy will be best realised and socialism will be a conscience. What else we need? Today we are in limbo with a critical concern of growing corruption. But it’s not a big problem at all. We have made it a habit and thus become a usual practice. A simple and clear understanding on it is enough that corruption can never benefit anybody even who is practising it. It is proven. A mere policy has less to do with it. It fails to reach to the intended point which is purely internal and wander around like a vagabond. We have seen despite policies the evil is looming recklessly.  
Sometimes excessive exercise of policy throws the fair section of society in some unwanted inconvenience. An uncontrolled desire is the key cause of corruption. So a core green effort can do huge to blot out the transgression.   
When green is education, the highest we can reap out is in terms of having a finest soil for civilisation. The Great poet Rabindranath Tagore said, “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”. Yes the highest education brings the best harmony of participation and tunes the rhythm of social evolution in a generous way. Education can never be a subject of policy priority. It is our birthright.  The highest monk of our country Swami Vivekananda rightly said, it is manifestation of perfection already in men. Sometimes we try to mend it with new set of propositions to fit the dire need of market economy. And at the end it technically leads us to the trail of high productivity but put rare consent on the life force energy and conscience as well. The tall order of trade keeps us busy in money making. But the green food for thought can never be neglected.
When green is freedom, then freedom become an absolute attitude. It cannot be ensured by anybody. It is already within us. No crisis can malign its essence. During crisis a feeling of being dejected undermines the freedom. Freedom remains but the feeling of dejection apparently puts it away. Freedom is the key conscience of the cosmos. To preserve it with a grace of green is subject to a meditative motive. The pure outer world resonates with the pure inner world. It is a sole green rule of life. The demon of greed consumes all our pure (green) with gusto at once.                                       

That’s Me? When My Wish Runs Amok!

To me to become world’s richest man can never be a plausible wish. Answer is very simple. To be a richest man what is needed? A reasonable amount of monetary belongings required at first given which I can start my journey. I lack it, solemnly declaring. It is frenzied when the utmost optimism provokes me to reverie it. It does not have any real. But if my uncontrolled thought for a wink made me a billionaire not bad at all. That’s not me for sure but a dreamy stay in a lavish accommodation full of all amenities and securities is amazing, courtesy my wish running amok.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Sometimes my wish incites me to be a politician for a good cause, I got excited. Especially when I think being a top political leader of the country I would serve nation and people and above all I will be the last person to decide upon people’s fate. Now Anil Kapoor starrer Hindi movie ‘Nayak: The Real Hero’ comes in my memory and how only within a short span Shivaji Rao Gaekwad made the best for the people of the country. It is possible, courtesy my wish running amok.
When I dream of becoming an economist, for delivering the best policy to the nation, again got excited. During this crisis-ridden situation a best economic policy is obligatory. Being an Economist suppose I have successfully made the best policy elixir and people are best benefitted. Oh, what a nice journey as an economist. My dream economics always hover around the marginal livelihood and sees big within it. The best for the marginal class is the best for the prosperity of the nation. An apt economic policy thus could bring people out of the blue for sure, courtesy my wish running amok.
Sometime I dream myself as a social worker. I don’t like to work on propaganda rather put more focus on understanding the soul of society. Society is very silently bearing the brunt of uncertain invasions on multiple aspects. Thus to heal it properly is subject to best care and understanding. Otherwise a single wrong step may be more painful for it. So to be more correct it needs a monkish treatment. Like before treating the ‘inequality in society’ as a case it’s more important to realise inequality and reject iniquity first. I feel it is very crucial to come close to the heart of the society and then to scare locusts away by beating drums. A better dawn then is must I believe, courtesy my wish running amok.
To be a good human being is a thought of my last resort. When fail to become all above I have mentioned and rest with nothing instant my running wish without any fail stick to it as it is within my reach. A ‘good human being’ always suits everything and has a genuine capacity to perform beyond imagination in a magical way. Here Gandhiji penetrates me more with his teaching of self realisation. Yes a ‘good human being’ is the best constituent of society to best realise the pains and pleasure. If all else fail a ‘good human being’ will survive tall to bring us out of blue. At the end I deny to be a failure, courtesy my wish running amok. Yes that’s me replicating the life eternal which remains jubilant forever.                    


Musings of a Misty Mind

Why do I exist in the world? The supreme God has created me; still allow me to stay here. But what is the purpose behind my existence and stay on earth? A misty aspect often lands in my mind. The moment it knocks, the mind starts to travel ditheringly either or become a mist itself. Every single day I am passing by is merely a routine work of daily activity which largely being prioritised by the basic wants of livelihood. Not more than that. Mind among its millions of sojourns for a day absolutely gets no time to think about - why do I exist in the world?
I don’t feel shy at all to say when I ascribe the world as mundane that’s a clean hypocrisy. A real embodiment of spirit of the thought is subject of an intense musing and a deep understanding of the key philosophy of life. To be a success in imbibing it well needs an honest practice of belief. A misty mind often fails to bother belief. It keeps itself hallucinated with a dump of thought uncalled for.  

Pix by Amit K Sikder     
All religious scriptures have strongly ascertained the miraculous intervention of almighty God in every sphere of his creations. The supreme power is controlling the universe. I am not an exception. Only this much belief is enough per se. But the misty mind with its vacillating nature travel in between belief and reality. Its tireless journey at the end makes us dull. A roaming thought without tuning of an insight is insane.
When we stick to reality only in milieu of worldly reasons then any small shock on expectations leave us in lurch. On ground of belief which fully survives on some considerations the chance of getting dejected is high. So both the extremes are critically unreachable. Apparently both need each other to be validated. Here is conflict. Which one among ‘belief for reality’ or ‘reality for belief’ to be taken in consideration to give a befitting reply to the misty mind? All religious say are firmly ready with the solution. The practice of belief is obligatory to understand the reality is an affirmed conclusion to the conflict.
In the stalled phase of economy I am surviving with a lower remuneration. So here what will be my belief pattern? I will have to correct it at any cost, will it be my belief? Or I am happy with this crisis. I am blessed.
For the sake of discussion if I consider the last consideration and remain idle it does not sound good coz God helps those who help themselves. From the standpoint of the second consideration if I remain worried about the situation and exerts my toils to make it better may be conflicting to God’s wish. Like, it may be so that the almighty wants me to pass through this turbulence to learn a bigger aspect of life. Now my misty mind again starts its monkey like movement.  Little before, I took a break from writing this article. Meanwhile my misty mind has raised another question. Is my life for understanding the dichotomy between belief and reality? Is my existence for decoding this dichotomy?
When I am not a misty mind then all queries start to blot out and the absolute I with its all-pervading nature come close to close and heal all wounds with peace which is beyond the dichotomy of ‘belief and reality’.    


A Roaring Silence Sounds Success

Silence literally indicates a peaceful state of presence of everything. It can never roar at least. Here my point of concern on identifying silence with a roaring note is full of incongruity. Moreover a noise never claims to bear the resemblance of silence. To give justice to the contradictory beautification of a clam now is my session. Like an act of aggression silence also have energy but in a dormant state apparently as it fails to be expressed instantly on a cause-effect formulae. It manifested gradually without breaking the bank. 

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Silence of Dawn: the beginning of the day always marked by an unique intelligence of silence. The nature then starts to wake up harmoniously with a silent call of birds. An ubiquitous call of silence let the whole earth to work in congruence. Such a nice bondage is present in universe with a tuning of a clairvoyant silence. The growth of the day breaks the silence of nature and invaded gradually by the sound of civilisation. It let not allow us to hear the voice of nature. The silence of the very dawn unites all creatures, gives a fresh healing to the mandate of the day. Our duty is only to religiously imbibe it and see a reflection in every piece of work. Such a nice way the cosmic intelligence plays the life bugle and reminds us to be a success in every piece of work all through the day.
Silence of Work: During day we all remain engaged in our usual works which is primary to our livelihood. In the mere din and bustle we forget to work in sync with the call of silence. The mandate of profit motivation controls the whole spectrum of work and forces us to remain far away from the call of consciousness. So the work becomes burdensome and snatched all our life energy. But a piece of work when practiced in tandem with the practice of silence miraculously could rejuvenate us, just unbelievable. A completion of hard work without sweat of fatigue is the trick of silence. It allows the cosmic intelligence to work for us and bring best reward. To read success in terms of rewarded possessions thus has made the path of civilisation a rat race. Practicing silence in every single piece of work confirms success without fail and finally it counts to be a best happiness.
Silence of Prayer: The evening marks the beginning of night and amicably gives a pause to the busy routine of the day of works.  In the evening it’s like the nature again close its eyes and concentrates in between eyebrows to sing the song of silence on a holiest note. After the hectic work schedule of the day the time of rest or to sit in isolation even get a nominal chance to be free for the noise of works. The assignment of works still penetrates, deny leaving us free yet and above all conspire to kill vitals of life ceaselessly. Nature’s in-built system of evening for our wellbeing again sounds the bugle of silence. It reminds us again and again to get the best fruits of silence, to fill life with a pie of pleasure. Let us play in tune with the cosmic conscience of silence to get rid of pains. Let us make the prayer of silence a pious deed of life.
Silence of Sleep: During the night when we all sleep the nature still remained alive with its silent presence and works relentlessly to keep us free from the brunt of subconscious thought which left us in a restless condition. Very frustratingly the sleeping time is more violently being invaded. To remain in silence during sleep need to be learnt out of cosmic intelligence. Nature is always supportive; just a little effort from our part to be silent could make the whole sleeping a success. The next dawn thus unfolds us with a joy of happiness.
Here I have just tried to see how the silence, the call of the cosmos, being tormented by the aggression of works and desires of profit. But every moment in the name of profit by breaking the silence merely incur a loss of vigour and vitality of life. The apparent success in the mundane world ultimately cries in the wilderness when it fails to lure its vitals from the silence. The highest civilisation and livelihood today in a broader note have failed to recognise the practice of silence and is at loggerheads. Success only gets justice when it brings an eternal happiness. Let us roar with silence to destroy all evils and make happiness a habit.       

When Practice Of Religion Needs A Judicial Care

Durgotsav’, a biggest religious event in Bengal as well as India is experiencing a rare setback this year due to growing concern of Corona virus contamination. We do wait year long to observe it with an extreme enthusiasm. Irrespective of caste, class and creed we all participate with our highest verve. The festival with its unique ambience unfolds a fresh lease of life to all.
Since March to contain the spread of Covid-19 our normal course of life is habituated with a new normal ‘social distancing’. It is no doubt a hard task to be practiced in populous country like India. But yet we have made it to a norm to social functioning. It was not that much easy to accept as it has claimed huge number of lives on ground of uncertainties which crippled the minimum chance of survival to marginal earners. Now fortunately the figure of contamination has started to diminish despite unlocking of major settlements.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
It was our highest optimism of faith that the demon Corona finally will be defeated by the Mother goddess Durga (recognized as the main Hindu goddess of war, combat evil and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity etc). A strong belief pattern in religious practice is infallible, but a meditative reconnection to almighty always has been prioritised by all ancient sages. The government to widen up some scope of earnings to the marginal class as well as business community, above all to the economic concern of the society opened its nod for the biggest happening. Both belief and reality here can’t be avoided to keep alive the pulse of heart and to fill up the appetite.
The very ‘secular’ philosophy of our soil enshrined in the Constitution never entertains any intervention and patronising of religious belief. Yesterday’s verdict of the High Court apparently seems inapt but I think it is quite apt on ground of preserving the public interest in such a deadly pandemic plethora. The judiciary here not against the religious practice but paying heed to the highest call of humanity more religiously. Thank you, High Court for finally doing the right thing amicably in keeping the order of society. The time is so vital that we must negotiate with the verdict for our good. The court also has declared all puja pandal as containment zone. It is well disappointing to padal-hoppers. But for the sake of society let us follow this at least for this year. The mother goddess Durga is always with us to save us from all evils. Let us pray in isolation for a bigger reason of being united very soon.
Above all it is a testing time for us to weed out the evil from within by practicing the mantra of brotherhood.  Society very piously needs some generous endeavour from our part so that the call of ‘new normal’ will finally be manifested as a best conscience to carry us to the abode of almighty – our ultimate destiny.   

Bad Is Our Best Belongings!

We always try not to let the discomfort and suffering spill over into our comfort and happiness. But how can it be? The consciousness of relativity is the key conscience of the cosmos. It is the main balancing factor. To get its right identification light needs darkness like they are eternal companions. Here I am reckoning both light and darkness in a broader nous. We all are worshippers of beauty. So would it be right to ignore the ugly?
A normal journey of our life is not above this conflict and here is the problem. We at all times don’t like to bear with any ache. So when any distress comes we lose all our hope and dynamism. On the whole we want to escape it anyway and get afraid to stand up against the situation. We never want to accept anything that we see as bad in the world. It’s a rigidity of the observation quotient on relative plain.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Basically we all suffer. When a suffering goes away finally we relish it, analyse it and above all achieve an experience. Thus every experiences of life adds feather to our realisation and we learn to observe life from a tranquil stand. All happenings whatever we think as bad at the end of the day rewarded us with a jewel of realisation and help to take new decision in a more concrete way. Every relative bad happening ushered in a new lease of life with the best spirit. Every successful personality in this world has optimally endowed the bad in their life and made beautiful distinction of greatness. More bad have come in their life more they have made it up to a great not for themselves merely but for society also. Therefore we owe an allegiance to all great personalities to realise life in real sense. And it could be a best practice to pay heed to the intrinsic value of life so as to garner the best resources of optimism.  
Bad to nation is also not any exception. If we peep through the past of our country which if full of thorns in a sense of its own crisis as well as external aggression by foreign invaders all have made it to a strong contender in the map of universe finally. Moreover the east philosophy of life strongly calls for an unfolding of inner strength to fight the bad in a prophetic way. It leaves us few notches above in the race of ‘realising life’. Bad is not at all bad. We just need to embrace it with best affection as it plays the role of best identifier of life.
The looming concern of distress in human life mainly gets bewildered by the ‘relative bad’. The ‘relative bad’ is such fatal in thought plane that in a cumulative way culminate to a bigger violence either in our personal life or external affairs. The ‘relative bad’ not only left us dejected, moreover instigate us to respond to the external world accordingly – it’s a biggest fallacy to an attitude towards life.
Today the whole world is bearing with the pain of an unending pandemic. But amid this the uneven growing of regional tensions among all is simply an attitude imbalance. We all are afraid of. And every moment feel scared about breakdown of own settlements. So whatever apparently seems bad we the very moment want to bludgeon it by any means. Here the course of conflict begins. It is very simple if we sit on a single table of parley and conclude cohesively on our identity not as Indians, Americans, Chineese, British, and Russian etc but as we are all equal mankind above all. The time is so crucial in the midst of perpetuated uproar of evil’s emergence from all corners of life and livelihood. Can’t we just go above and beyond and read about humanity first?                                

An Idea of Insufficiency

For a long period the aggregate consumption of economy is badly hit due to gradual fall of earnings of individual. And ineptly general price level is shooting up. The economics of today hit its own fundamental. It may have two implications – firstly, specific class consumption keep hold of the existing supply irrespective of higher prices or secondly the minimum need of survival push marginal class to negotiate with their meagre nutrition desire. With reference to the first point the social class which are still guaranteed by a secured monthly income contributing well to the consumption figure of the economy and also the high paid income class which is bearing with salary cut not at all in condition to negotiate with the necessary demand but may curtail luxuries and spending on speculation to an extent. For the second category a more stay on the ‘caravan of crisis’, beyond poverty absolute will cause a dejected level of malnutrition in society. On ground of survival it is more than death of causes which since independence are predominant despite policy initiatives.  
With an effort to get it back to the normal course along with unlocking productivity vitals it is more imperative to widen scope of income generation for the marginal class which are starving inexorably. Availability of resources more than the necessity may be subject to wastage but at this hand to mouth situation the multiplier value of asset creation will be higher. Though the state of affairs ceases to less bargain scope with working class and needs care of minimum wage rule under strict administrative control. A day and night work is highly required from the highest authority as well as all decentralised cubicles to monitor socio-economic mess now. It is now an essential policy obligation to keep abreast of administrative functioning at all levels. To sustain with our resources without fail may mean best achievement in the post-pandemic scenario. Apart, it is also worth mentioning that the effort of correcting the plunging GDP figure by picking up the pace of industrial activity may not produce well if demand side not taken in proper pursuit. Industrial production and rejuvenated demand obviously backed by real purchasing capacity both are necessary to keep the call of sustainability alive. So the right management of a single penny is obligatory for both governments and people. A mistake by a chance will be a basis of bigger liability in near future. The time to a great extent needs an austerity measure. Beyond absolute economic concept some social and political events will also enhance the economic dimension.  
Festival Economy: With the gradual unlocking of facilities, the Bengal is bracing for biggest festival ‘Durgotsav’. More than a festival it’s a celebration of coming back to life. Ignoring all realities, the heart seems to be humming. The festival has two economies, one of heart and the other of society. After a long quarantined life the ‘Durgotsav’ will add fresh air to the livelihood. Even if it is little, some work will be available for cottage industry. It is a generous side of a stalled economy. And more scope will gradually opened up at times as Bengalis celebrate thirteen festivals in twelve months.
Election Economy:  Election is a biggest democratic process for populous countries like us. Five Indian states Kerala, Assam, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are gearing up for upcoming Assembly election in 2021. And as usual a big amount of money will enter market through advertisements, campaigns etc. I think expenditure on election process is not wastage of money until and unless it is being used to lure supports in favour without healing touch of market mechanism. In our plural party system most of leading parties which are running governments have more capacity to spend. And it is a point of comfort as they are already shouldering the responsibility of running governments as well as welfare of people so less chance of unprofessional conduct of fund is there. In such a crisis period funding for poll process will be add on to m-cap I think.
It is time demanded to utilise all small piece of happening to materialise in a judicious way to unfold an optimal for the economy as well as society. This motive if coupled with a habit of austerity the objective of sustainability will surely be fulfilled. And in the post-pandemic situation we will remain ready enough for a take-off. Insufficiency makes life cohesive – it will be proved again.                                    


The Song ‘Self-Reliance’

The song ‘Self reliance’ in the midst of an ongoing pandemic is a clarion call. The mantra now can best serve us in healing socio-economic wounds. Self-reliance beyond an announced policy deserves more care to take in it properly. It has its origin in the formation of life; a religious belief pattern had been foiled by ancient sages. And today chanting the mantra of self-reliance afresh add fresh air to livelihood. Practicing the exercise in a religious way is crucial and realising it will be most religious. It is a primordial quintessence of life. It is our birth right above all.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Now comparing the nation with a physical body and people, society, agriculture, industry etc as its organs how and where can the self-reliance be practiced? The organic bondage of every organs of nation’s body can never be denied. I here like to give a primordial preference to first three organs people, society and agriculture. Industry comes then. It has more susceptibility to external comforts which the basic survival urge does not bother about that much.
On the edge of today’s modernisation and life’s perpetual habituation with it may misguide the understanding of the aspect in real sense. Apparently it can not merely be a policy to train the way of survival during the time of turbulence. As a policy it will lose its sheen in value and vigour as it needs recognition from ‘freedom of realisation’. To feed owns’ need can never be the ethic of self-reliance. Practising it is our life long demand and right. And can never be seen in a trivial sense. Self-reliance within the perimeter of a given policy pursuit thus may be maligned.
Anyway for the sake of an interim comfort we could exercise it on area-specific mode. Despite a massive growth of industries since nineties agriculture predominantly holds bit higher capacity in bearing the brunt of population growth. But migration of mass from rural area to urban area during last two decades mainly due to low wage rate, inadequate infra facilities and alarmingly low price of produce. So practicing the self-reliance in manufacturing along with enhancing provisions in rural areas so as to accommodate bigger mass comfortably may bring us better results. To take all marginal concerns into account for the time being is not easier. Agriculture is our traditional advantage and trying to reap fruits out of it may be wise move. In such a turbulent time a comprehensive cure may not be possible given the plunging fiscal strength of country.
The pink transition of industry will take an uncertain time to be streamlined in a full swing. Now it is in a slow recovery mode. A Lion share of industrial workers is now sit idle with a pink slip. And those who still surviving very miserably are bargaining with a salary cut. It is now fully uncertain how the situation will be reinstated. Bearing with this huge macro downfall is every moment getting intolerable.
At this fatal injecture survival can’t be denied in anyway. Therefore wisely opting for a potential option where we yet have a comparative advantage may produce the best result and agriculture here stands first. So a better farming policy together with a justiciable allocation could balm the pains. An assured effort to validate the requisite of ‘minimum subsistence’ will thus be a best stimulus to tune the song ‘self-reliance’ well.
Self-reliance is a call of consciousness and to be practiced in all stratum of life. And trying to apply it just to get out of the crisis is nothing but a baloney. The basic parameters of livelihood have been sullied for long and now we are in a critical trap of ignorance and folly. With all given constraints to rightly imbibe it is beyond impossible and to validate the song in the soil of ignorance thus need a sustainable practice and patience. Let us stand firm on the ground of optimism and participate in a democratic way to sing the song ‘self-reliance’ in a generous voice. Agriculture is our ethnicity; self-reliance is our birth right and now let us take pledge to not be victim of self-abnegation. Beyond commercial practice we must play the song in sync with the cosmic consciousness.    


If I Want To Be An Animal First!

We human beings are appreciably a best creation of the almighty God. We are supreme blessed transcendental aura of the highest order. We are vested with the highest most power to build our own home at the helm of superficial affairs. All attributes I have referred so far only to insinuate the human beings are only a few. Beyond all references to fuse with the almighty God is our best freedom. Above all we are unconstrained to have whatever we need; the man-made civilisation is the best manifested testimony. What else do we need? All rest creatures are on back foot in a sense thus. They are only limited to the survival and bound by the law of nature.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
With the due passage of time development of scientific study and discoveries have unfolded opportunities a galore. But to facilitate the work most often very desolately we have wrecked havoc on the natural laws to see the tall civilisation of a blue eyed dream. And at the end an unending desire of our thought capacity thus has trapped us in prison of pains. The excessive growth of civilisation served us a bounty.
To get more out of the external world we have dejected the true world of happiness and unconsciously at odds with the law of nature. Still at this point a solemn declaration of our failure may draw flak. Failure is in a sense of growing concerns over unhealthy rise of anti-green issues. It is in fact imperative now to bring a balance between ‘better off’ and ‘worse off’.
In journeys of making civilisation a grand success the feeling of freedom has worked a lot. And it was always not bound by the law of nature. By breaking the laws of nature according to the grapevine freedom can never be realised and enjoyed. Like long years back we have freed ourselves from colonialism and got a free India. That was a grand victory to all of us. We then started a journey of freedom which was intended to. And more than seventy years age old freedom still starving with looming figure of poverty, disparity, inequalities etc. It was never desirable in the post-independence situation. What gave us so much desired freedom? Amount of distress till now has failed to prove the spirit of freedom. The socio-economic complexities and lack of education of humanity still imprisoned us in the cave of colonialism. Remarkably the path of M K Gandhi’s fighting with colonialism never failed to notice the call from within. He always had spoken about the strength of soul spirit to break the colonial might. He tried religiously and laid foundation for a tangible freedom which has an etheric reach. Freedom not for enjoyment only but it needs best care of ethical preaching every moment. I think Gandhiji tried to give the highest message on how to relish freedom in a religious way which is central to wrestle the crisis today. He was a highest visionary of our soil and avid follower of the laws of nature.
The Maya (illusion) of colonialism can never be seen in a bared eye. It needs a meditative effort to unfold its real nature. Its dogmatic presence in all sphere of life is a reality. Every moment a patrolling on the highway of tall civilisation is very urgent. A wink of chance to the colonial Maya thus may be very fatal to us. The laws of nature have amicably built an immunity programme to fight the colonial germs and let it not destroy by calling the perishable comfort of civilisation as well as modernisation. Within the ambit of the law of nature the highest civilisation is always been manifested by the universal brotherhood and cooperation.  Own ‘better off’ at the cost of other’s ‘worse off’ is anti to the rule of the law of nature and can never augur well for the welfare of society. To build a best society is the best practiced humanity. The highest order of religion can be realised by a fellow feeling for others not by mongering petty ideals.
Meanwhile my course of writing has availed number of avenues to grasp the idea on which way life to be practiced to go in tune with the laws of nature so that the civilisation of brotherhood could be best realised. The title of this article at a glance may blow my readers since I first wanted to be an animal. No don’t think that I am looking down on human race. Here I am just going to emphasize the animal spirit of being within the laws of nature which can be a new direction for our journey.        

Mastering ‘The Life Divine’

Now if I throw a question on ‘existence of God’ in open air perhaps the common rejoinder might take the side of dissent. The perspective which will work in favour of the consensus might be from the angle of an excruciating woe we are bearing with. It is often said that if the God exists then why do people suffer, why social anomie is mastering the course of evolution of livelihood? Today we are not only being ill with the ongoing pandemic, the social crisis of insecurity moreover rapping us brutally. The reason of survival every moment is tarnished by untoward experiences. The fear of uncertainties is impeding all walks of life. Above all it is such a crisis where no expertise is worth effective, all intellectual resources are at loggerhead. We all know that when all options in life are in mess there remains an absolute way out. The grand success of all crisis-ridden life is the best example of it. Then why we now are at a halt? Why nothing is working well to bring us out of the tragedy? Where is the lag lie? Besides our individual effort to make our participation free and fair there are policies, governments, organisations etc all but we are going to cry at this place at the end.  

Pix by Amit K Sikder
To fathom solutions of all obvious queries is a most demanded context today. To settle it down to a conclusion the time has been alarmingly counting our moral and ethical vigour and to respond accordingly is in dire need of realisation. I personally believe in the exercise of an intricate journey towards self-realisation which could bring the best for us. And thus here I am trying with the divine policy to defy the obnoxious agony in life.     
Ancient religious texts have deciphered and embodied the jewel of tricks to build our life as per our demand. It has very strongly claimed the presence of God’s, the supreme power, blessings in our life and we human beings are God’s own image. We all are a genuine reflection of the supreme divine power. Now for the sake of symposium if I recognize it as a truth then we easily can mould the state of affairs. But the ongoing hurly-burly keeps us at a wits end. It should not have happened when the claim of religious says are true.
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), a British philosopher, mathematician, historian, writer, political activist and a Nobel laureate, was an atheist. He was once questioned what would he do if he faced God after death? There are said that he replied, “I will question- the almighty God, why did you give me so little proof of my existence? He also said in the horrible world we live in, there is no sign that there is a representative of a mighty benefactor. But it is really hard for me to read between the lines of the statement. Very simply it has an atheistic tone.  
Ancient sages and monks who have grilled the highest ritualistic discipline in the oven of austerity finally come out with a vibrant message of universal peace and happiness. Thus two outcomes are incongruous in nature and who supposed to be the best practitioner of ethics (in society we can perform anything as per our wish without hampering its balance and generous course of growth), we the general people who are the victim or sages and monks who are the achiever to be evaluated justly.
I personally in favour of a religious belief system which could carry us forward to a better livelihood. Belief system is too important in guiding the destiny of people and nation. German sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920) in his famous text The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1905) has noticeably pointed out the role of Protestant ethic in establishing the cause of emergence of an out-and-out Capitalism. A strong belief system thus is very crucial in determining the course of social actions and goals. The socialist pattern of our country is a Constitutional communiqué and to reap its best we need to be socialist first. To follow a strong socialistic belief pattern is a need indeed to stay on the crests of a socialist success.
Now taking the strong belief pattern as an important key to the course of my discussion first of all I would like to exercise the role of analysing micro protocol of Self-realisation. Realising the self as well as the inner most physiology of human construction is complicated in a sense of revealing the dark world to the illuminating light. It makes every single atomic configuration purest and help us to understand our duties and responsibilities toward nation and people and allow the lotus of universal brotherhood to bloom. We often say charity begins at home. Yes if we start to care ourselves it will obviously be manifested well in our surroundings. What I mean to say beyond believing God to believe in thyself is enough to be illuminated by the light of prosperity. The feeling of brotherhood along with the light of prosperity surely will torch the evil of our life.
External institutions are working constantly for eradicating pains of life but the time is desperately demanding the charity at home. The economics now need to be practiced carefully in garnering the internal resources. Let us meditate upon ‘the self’ to build a better tomorrow. And let allow the divine economics play to spoilsport the game of disaster.
Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!