Pie in the Poverty!

The global resolution on eradicating poverty is in big halt today amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a biggest social evil for long. To contemplate it well analysis have been made on different angles and concluded on absolute and relative basis. The theoretical basis of the aspect is an obvious compulsion to counter its uneven spread every moment. The world today is trying hard to back in normal course but the cost of the transition is very high and need to cough up hefty bucks from the fiscal pockets. In this critical point to dig deep into the crisis of poverty is beyond feasibility. So what social evolution is awaiting us? And what will be the fate of the poverty-stricken mass who are crying for appetite.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
Poverty has always been a winner against its eradication policy and now it is grappling the society in a rapid pace. The world economic downfall today has made every government helpless to take an accommodative stance and no feasible solution is seen. It’s a biggest obligation to bear with. Now we are on the edge and the time has come to see the problem on a religious eye (Given the situation I am just trying to see it bit differently). Let us try an effort to give a holistic healing to the problem. When crisis dominates the course of life every moment either we gain strength or finish. Gaining strength and to fight it back is life. An honest endeavour can never fail.
And to start with an avid observation on the aspect is indispensable. Apart from appetite the reach of poverty has invaded our mental and physical sphere also. Increasing level of crimes, tensions, insecurity, health hazards etc all are different avatars of it. All these are also in high correlation to the problem and thus the complexity of the concern is growing everyday.
Swami Vivekananda, the high priest of our country, was very deeply saddened and strongly urged the need of religious education to rebel the roar of poverty. To raise the common mass he favoured the Vedic education system which treats all equally. A religious way of education to bring forth the self is the best way, as Vivekananda viewed. The time is really alarming us to realise the inner potential and to break the outer bottlenecks. ‘We could serve ourselves better’ is an eternal quest of life. Yes if we want to serve ourselves we will surely be served by the divine will. So let us allow the divine intervention and pledge for eradicating poverty from within. Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) in his book ‘The Law of Success’ very divinely quoted the aspiration of seekers “The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success”.           


  1. Religious practice demands proper understanding of the word religion, that still identified as a key to diversion in our country. So waiting for a karizmatic personality for sowing seeds of realisation in this trying time.

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  3. Thankyou Mr. Roy for giving us an opportunity to think of this primordial task to make our Bharat Atmanirbhar