...In The Midst of Misery

The journey of human civilisation was never been smooth. During the very early phase of the civilisation human being in want of a little comfort in life started to live together and made livelihood bit easier to an extent re collecting foods, making shelter and so on. The life then was simple in a sense of a cohesive participation with the nature. So no remarkable conflict was seen in the path of evolution. But with the due passage of time the sense world has been luring the human civilisation aggressively and today we are on its threshold limit. When the heat start to scorch we have the machine to reverse it, when it is too cold it is no problem to make it comfortable, when it is required to cover a long distance within a short time we are not helpless – so with the advancement of civilisation we have made the best comfort available to us except overcoming some natural calamities out of the blue.

The Sky
Pic Credit: Partha Roy
Today the whole civilisation is crying with turbulent crisis covering a wider aspect of life. To make life a best comfort very unknowingly we are in conflict every moment, we are really in illusion to realise the real need of life.
Paying due respect to others I want to mention about the call of our ancient sages and scriptures which very auspiciously have consecrated the tricks of life. It has been boldly mentioned that the outward journey of life is a reason of misery (which Adi Sankaracharrya quoted as Dukham) because it is not permanent. Very simply I can validate this proposition with an example of simple concept of Economics like when we get the desired product and start to consume the utility of this gradually start to diminish and even become negative in a sense of dissatisfaction. And at this point a want for other things start to grow and become a reason of Dukham and the misery haunts us to grow more desirous. Altogether it brings us to a state of misery, but we strongly crave for happiness. Here it is worth mentioning that Buddhism talks of sarvam dukham dukham; sarvam kshanikam kshanikam; everything is full of sorrow; everything is from moment to moment. Now very consciously if we look around we could easily realise that happy events can soon fade from memory but sufferings cannot be forgotten. So the journey to the sense world proves that misery (Dukham) is real. Thus we owe allegiance to ancient sages and scriptures on blessing us with the trick to understand Dukham.   
The run of civilisation on the ladder of ‘instant comfort’ is non-existent but the journey inward to rediscover the self-existent light of knowledge could be a wise pick in the modern world. The highest level of misery out of the mundane world may fit the ladder of civilisation differently. The time has come and I am very upbeat to see a new dawn.