Now all Rasikas churn ‘Charukeshi’

Indian classical music always stands tall while understanding the people and culture of our country. When its classical music all religions intermingled into the truth of humanity, delve deep into the core of human physiology. It’s a highest most chanted mantra of all ages since the beginning of the universe. But unfortunately today the massive sprouting of mechanisation of life (an inclination towards the mundane world) has left us far away from the subtle context. It is within us but in a burial. When this vibration comes by any chance we feel settled and peaceful unconsciously. The seven swaras of classical music are in firm knot with vertebras of our body and when they get chance to be tuned the third dimension of life transcended. All ragas thus have a greater influence in toning the aura of human body and healing the deadly diseases. Raga Charukeshi apart from rejuvenating the mind helps us to cure heart ailments evoking flavours of Sringara (Romance), Soka (Sorrow), Saantha (peace) and Bhakti rasa (devotion).
    Raga Charukeshi (literary represents one with beautiful hair) has its origin in Carnatic music. It is the 26 th Melakarta ragam in the 72 Melakarta ragam system of Carnatic music.
The raga on later has been imported into Hindustani music and being an entrant it suffers a state of gestation in the Hindustani style. With purely a new set of scale there are a number of ways in constructing the raga and applying even in film songs. The Hindustani instinct in one way has imbibed the constituent poorvanga and uttaranga portions of the scale in terms of familiar patterns. Whereas Pt Ravi Shankar, Vijay Raghab Rao has gone with an alternative style by advancing the gandhar to evolve a different swaroopa. Likewise the uttaranga scope enthusiastically hunted by the Hindustani cult are Asavari ( Darbari like behaviour) and Bhairavi. Charukeshi’s journey in Indian films reminds us of works of kalyanji-anandji, Shankar-jaikishen et al. It’s a big spread of beautiful hair from heart to soul.

Pt Prosenjit Sengupta (File Photo)
A convoluted journey on the raga is still predominant in Hindustani style of music. Among all leading Sarod players of India my Guruji Pt Prosenjit Sengupta of Maihar-Senia gharana has blended Raga Kausi and Bhairavi to rouse emotions in mind in an amicable way. His master strokes have evolved the aura (with beautiful hair) in a mesmerizing way and help us to dissolve into the divine of ‘Charukeshi’. In this turbulent time of pandemic his genius is a blessing to us to heave a sigh of relief and to travel within. 



  1. Thanks Partha at first for your brilliant informations of Raag Charukeshi and secondly for recognition of my playing. Indian Rag/Raginis has the power to give the positive reactions on human mind and body.We all should listen this type of music to refresh our mind and soul.Waiting for more articles in future.Regards

  2. I am blessed to have your humble respect and pronam to you..