Spill Class Beans

In last few articles I just have tried to draw out an outline on the crisis of Democracy. Here my intention is not to hurt anybody’s thought and perception. We all are enjoying the passage of Democracy in multiple dimensions, from top leader, bureaucrats to general people. We all have a fair crack of the whip. But lamentably in our society who doesn’t have a sou are anyhow bonded to the interest class. Ironically the democratic tools that were supposed to liberate us have left us in an imbroglio. All these conflicts always left me in an intolerable pain. No I didn’t condemn anybody regarding our sufferings. But obviously I can hit back when my dignity is in danger.

Is really the air calm enough to start Yoga? Is the economic disparity and scarcity suitable enough to self-reliance?
I just have raised voice against the sham. All these suggestions from the highest authority irksomely deny the dignity of the nation and its people. It’s not a personal exercise, the whole nation is concerned so please don’t try to hallucinate us. My request to all Indians please be careful enough to exercise your ‘right to vote’ in near future. The people who are enjoying power, assigned by us, are only busy in making games with our ‘bread and butter’. Don’t forget we are very powerful in determining their fate and instead of ‘Yogic’ posture a right gesture of ‘we the people’ could be detrimental to make new India. For long we are suppressed by the interest groups and the time has come to retaliate. The handicapped education system since long has served their interests and made a remarkable number of educated to produce goods and services and not the nation in bigger sense. Sometimes GDP grows and sometimes plummets but that all together not reflecting the whole humanity.
The corona pandemic has given us a number of lessons. Most importantly it has spilled the beans of political culture of our country that ahead of election festival all colourful angels come to us with their potpourris and during troubled times they only remain busy in investing their oratory. Very disappointingly in the unlock phase we are trying to step into a normal phase of life with a havoc risk of getting infected. But it’s the crude reality in front of us. The government is a dam failure to take its responsibility. Finally we the general people of the country are shouldering our own responsibilities.
So why the government? Are they for making policies which predominantly deny the mass? Are they for enjoying the best comfort out of taxed money? Let us concentrate on all these after manifesting the education which already is within. Let us not be colonised again and again and get ready for a grand reforms that will be tabled by us for us. 


  1. Thankyou for giving an wake-up call to every Indian.

  2. Thank you sir for set an Democratic alarm... Salute to you.

  3. Be part of democracy in real sense

  4. Yes we are happily colonised by ourselves. Because we are in search of things which only comforts us in any manner, with or without ethical way. Where self dignity stands far behind. Until and unless we don't get out of it remain as usual and leaders are here to play their trikes with us. That I think.

  5. Yes u are correct absolutely and time has come to make a solid consensus..thank u