Now Yoga, a fresh fad

After more than two months of a quarantined life now we are in a comfort as having entered into the unlocked phase of life. People are roaming around freely, attending offices, offering prayers (as holy places are now open) and so many things which are now not within the ambit of Corona restrictions.  We, layman don’t understand the logic of confidence behind the effort of making everything normalised in phases (now we are in first phase) in sync with the number of growing Corona cases. It goes in a 180 degree direction to the perception of Medical fraternity which very strongly pitches for a strict ‘social distancing’. Is it an indication towards the revival policy of the economy when GDP in 11-year low?

Yes as India is going to be the leading nation in near future, according to the top most leader of our country. In this crucial injecture it will be roughly unethical to stay at home with a fear of a virus. No it can’t be, we must not pass no-confidence motion against our leader who day and night is fully devoted to the development of the nation. Please participate cohesively with government to make the meaning of democracy successful.    
Our government is careful enough re people’s health issues and the flagship policy ‘Ayushman Bharat’ has worked remarkably well in the wake of this pandemic as claimed by the government. The medical experts must learn from it and above all the policy of unlocking economic activity mutely makes passage for the herd-immunity principle which very successfully worked in country like Sweden. It’s a case of an exception as most of big players didn’t get that much confidence to go for it. As a crucial measure against Covid-19 lockdown has been practicing widely across globe to get rid of infections.
In a country like India, where poverty and malnutrition everyday cripple lives of a lion share and ‘Community kitchen’ is now their destination for appetite, the practice of enhancing immunity may be a mockery. Anyway why we are this much in worry? We have a charismatic leader who already has given his discourses on ‘Yogic’ shastra (scripts) and how Yoga can enlighten us to travel to the final destiny of life ‘Shivatva Prapti’. He is splendid and far beyond an orator has unveiled his Yoga avatar. Really we the general people of the country are hallowed to have him as Prime Minister of our country. He is not only a law maker, an incarnation for the nation. My request to all proud Indians not to waste time in collecting foods for appetite but sit in correct Yogic posture and start the journey for salvation.


  1. Religion can practice in empty stomach- the new mantra to salvation.

  2. Oh... great...good to read this.... hoping to see more such interesting article

  3. Yes I am ready to serve.. thanks a lot

  4. Great research work.If we like to know our country we should give attention to our ancient culture which is still effective for modern human life.