Dole Out Green

The world environment day on June 5 has given a break to the ruling party of West Bengal; you can technically assume the government of the state, after consecutive aggression of Covid-19 and monster Amphan. Without losing any chance the government has started the plantation programme across state to make sure a fit milieu for people. Remaining in the back foot with its failure in administering the pandemic and devastating cyclone the government now leaves no stone unturned to start afresh the high-octane campaign on Green.        
There is no denial to the sustainable demand for long as Global-warming and disproportionate urbanisation very adversely affecting the whole humanity with unwanted dishes of monster, tremor, volcanic eruptions etc. Besides this more importantly a Green motive is highly obligatory in making policies for a better socio-economic and socio-cultural set-up. Our country mushroomed with political organisations a galore but very disappointingly suffers with a sad absence of Green organisation.

India, the biggest Democracy of the world, is mostly being characterised by chaotic, unorganised environment since its beginning from the post-colonialism phase. Mother India of 130 crore population very successfully has given birth to more than thousands political organisations but failed to promote an organisation at national level with an explicit goal to serve the ethical Green for the country.
Categorically the effort of individuals and civil societies against government’s anti-people policies does not produce any remarkable result at all as the political cunning and coaxing empowered with a jumbled judicial fallacy always left them with a nonchalant stand.
Very amusingly when the crisis of Corona-pandemic looming large everyday then the government with its hide and seek strategy gambling with peoples life to settle the dispute over medical infrastructures and supplies of essential facilities. Even foods for the vulnerable sections under the distribution channel cry foul.
When it comes to the term of middle-class pensioners then the policy of PF rate cut instantly ready to snatch the Green of livelihood. When banking sectors are in trouble in making business peoples deposit rate is ready to be hacked. When the question of prominent PSUs presence is important to counter the fiscal mess then the policy of an aggressive privatisation in support of short-term solution looks to break the Green ground of Democracy. To dole out Green to the nation the political organisations must come forward with a genuine Green motive and activism. Let allow the Green too sprout for the welfare of the society.


  1. Polluted thought can not give birth of green.

  2. Time has come to make it pollution-free ...thanks for ur comment

  3. Starvation don't see green as a reducing element of global warming instead a possible thing to reduce hunger in any manner. But some of us coloured our soul green where hunger kept aside and waiting for the day when we will shout with loud voice.... 'dori dhore maro taan, raja/rani hobe khan khan.'

  4. Since the power of aggression has overtaken the power of acceptibility, hardly we can see such initiatives though the time is really crying for that.

  5. To be included in our wishlist...