DeMo still haunts NaMo

In last article ‘Dole out Green’ very unfortunately I have made a mistake to mention Demonetisation, a grand policy of the Narendra Modi government, which was intended for eradicating ‘Blackmoney’, a long painful crisis of Mother India, is no doubt a Green initiative. So I am fully buggered. It’s almost four years back, in a fine evening of November 8, 2016 the Prime Minister of our country presented the comprehensive Green initiative for the general people, extraordinary indeed in the history of more than seventy years of independence. During that time common people with an inflated hope and desire to see a New India flock together in front of bank outlets to fire the counterfeit currency and even hanged life to death. Till date nothing remarkable we have seen out of demonetisation except some data slice on the plate of poverty and a grand victory of the BJP party in UP Assembly election. And without more ado the demonetisation move hit hard the biggest cluster of leather in the state of UP.
Due to cash crunch the whole industrial fraternity was in pity. We all were waiting for a good to come and meanwhile the Modi government did not make any mistake to push GST to manoeuvre the decentralised fundamental of the federal system.
The gross effect of all moves on economic front did not augur well and lamentably left the business sentiment as well as supply side of the economy in hitch. For long the pain has accompanied us with an unadulterated upshot of fiscal slippage and more extensively the GST move cut back revenue portfolio of all states. With all existing whammies the ongoing Corona pandemic pushed our economy almost to a ‘low level equilibrium trap’ (the concept was developed by Richard R Nelson) where low levels of per capita income people are too poor to save and thus results in low investments and low rate of growth in National Income. Nonetheless it’s a critical feature of underdeveloped economies and in the globalisation format to consider domestic savings as main lifeline to the investment potential is grossly wrong but for last few months all countries are in isolation.
We don’t know the ultimate state which awaiting us. Given the utmost priority to the revival of the economy we are now in Unlock-1 phase with the opening up of manufacturing and service units. It will surely boost the supply side of the economy and thereby will add to revenue collection of the government which has plummeted extremely. But another important concern of growing number of infections in country is so far making ground for a big blow to social insecurity and chaos.
Sarcastically the government did not have any problem with exercising an invisible lockdown which country tolerated in the post- demonetisation period but to fight severe pandemic it has a genuine apathy. The way the government has withdrawn lockdown is fully unplanned. It is absolutely not a democratic move. Social distancing is ultimate panacea of the pandemic until and unless a specific medicine is discovered.
The government has failed in all sorts to fight the pandemic either in policy or purpose. We the general people are always remain guinea pig in the hand of legislators who take oath for peoples’ welfare – an irony of democracy. In this crucial time the government is dam failure in coughing up more bucks from coffer to ensure people’s security but as a single largest party in the country successfully has sounded poll bugle ahead of Bihar and West Bengal Assembly elections. The soil of Mother India very pathetically turns out to be very fertile for politics only. Country’s leading party’s virtual election rally clearly indicating the intention of the government at the centre. We the general people of the country are in dilemma to understand the purpose of politics -- is it for acquiring power or for institutionalising the goal of society? Don’t forget that the invisible hand of Demonetisation is still thrashing the Democracy hopelessly. Why it was exercised is a big question even today.
Now the time is truly imperative to guess the policy direction of the power and think while before casting our valuable vote. Let us exercise our own power to make India a ‘Land of Democracy’ for all.


  1. Your words certainly awakened our thoughts. But what do you think who would be the better option who can religiously justify the value of democracy?

  2. Then i am afflicted to say that the goal may be reached but not in the way you wish to..