Bête Noire In 'Vision Bharat'

The environment is really enjoying a sigh of relief with the remarkable curtail of pollution in air, water everywhere. It’s quite amazing now to get an easier view of mountains from the locality. I stay in Kolkata and being very much excited trying to see the Parliament and Assembly Houses which are for long not getting the opportunity to be blessed with best sessions. We the general people of the country are eagerly waiting for all-party debate in Houses where legislators will be comfortable enough in their usual environment and bring the best for the country. Beyond imagination they are working hard day and night on roads, slums wherever people are in trouble. In every phases of lockdown they have come out with the best proposal and modifications. Above all very unfortunately they all are in doldrums with their most spoken development story in real crisis of life. But a bold politician and the highest leader of the country never succumb but fight with the crisis even in a poetic tone. To keep you cool during turbulent times and enjoy the suffering is of best attitude towards life. The nation must learn it, hats off to our highest leader. The whole country must cherish the charismatic personality.     
To feel the ambiance of a pollution-free environment a feeling of comfort from within is very important or else everything loses its majesty. But Sukanta Bhattacharya (1926-1947), a poet from Bengal, very sadly failed to enjoy the misery of the poor and depicted the dour life of them in his poem Hey Mahajiban (O Great Life) with an excruciating expression ‘Khudar rajje prithibi goddomoy: purnimar chand jeno jholsano ruti’ (For in the realm of hunger, the world is prosaic: The Full Moon appears to be scorched bread).
An incredible percentage of population who are in severe distress to them the pollution of scarcities is looming large everyday and they are gradually getting buried. They must learn the real technique as problems are part and parcel of life. Our government without any delay have laid the foundation for a prosperous country, we just have to wait and bear the brunt of some inconveniences which apparently seems to be incorrect. It’s a question of a gestation period only, the new dawn will come.
Now the time is to stand up and to start work for the civilisation. Friend, don’t be careless. The GDP of the country is as usual in a free falling. Taking this into account we must now come out of the ‘stay home, stay safe’ jumble. India more than a country is a vision and we all proud Indians must work hand in hand with our Legislators to position our country in the brighten spot on the globe. Don’t forget you are a proud Indian, a soldier of the 'Vision Bharat’ and never bow down to inconveniences which may cost lives and livelihood. We have great Legislators to take care so rely on them and forget everything, just start to play in the lap of pollution-free Mother Nature. 
Let us not forget Rabindranath Tagore's song 'Aache dukkho, aache  mrityu, birohodohono laage. Tabuo shanti, tabu  anondo, tabu anonto jaage' (Despite misery, death and churning of estranged heart, peace and bliss prevail, hopes galore). We must have a strong philosophy to understand the call of our charismatic leader and the way he has tried to give a poetic justice to the unbearable pains.


  1. Yes, we are the upcoming buried warrior of our country...Moharaja/rani tomare salam...salam....

  2. Blessed to have a witty reader like u..thanks a lot