Writing On The Wall

In earlier article ‘Beasts of Burden’ I tried to express my perception on demographic gains out of the labour community which is in ordeal of survival. How they are an unavoidable element in respect of their contributions to GDP, domestic demand and above all to the investment potential of the country all I have tried to bring up. The gradual relaxation of lockdown is a clear indication of streamlining the production activity but bigger lag lies in the shortage of labour obviously. Without them how the base of modernisation like ‘Smart city’ projects, ‘Make in India’ will be consolidated? Anyway let us move from all these basic questions of demographic fundamental, rather it should be wise to peep the matter though the minimal dimension of basic philosophy of Indian Constitution which strongly call for equal participation. Where is that? Are they not in the Democratic pillar? Don’t they cast vote? Or are they not being counted while declaring the elected government?

Very frustrated we are. What is the intention of the government by the people? Are they in no doubt with the corporate poll engineering process? Though its been a long time the 18th Lok Sabha election to commence. So they are very sure about number of development policies meanwhile like Demonetisation or political homage to Ram Lala  will be sufficient enough to make an environment of gimmick and the critical downtrodden of the society again gather to make sure an autocratic government . When very positively I think ‘enough is enough’ and the unbearable suffering of migrant class will generate a new consensus then my political mind within a wink breaks it.  But still I think the alarm of revolution has started to buzz.
Everyday from dawn to night the story of intolerable pains of migrants airing in media leaves us in huge strains who are not class politician, not vests with power to make policy for the development of the nation. Hunger and stress claiming lives everyday but the elected governments are very sincerely in brawl over returning migrants to their native. The severe irony is they are only left with politicalising the incident as for long they are habituated with it ranges from minorities’ politics, caste politics to the latest trend of religion politics – a mockery of democracy.
For last few days I am very much scared about accessing media platforms. My eyes can’t bear the visual of utmost migrants’ distress. Where that grand package is announced the government few days ago? It may be translated to ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ after the period of its maturity but the beginning is a threat to humanity. Is it like bearing pains of Demonetisation which pledged to weed out the problem of Blackmoney from the country?
No that was a feasibility testing.
Yes it’s a tyranny of power which vehemently denies the philosophy of authority and only believes in chanting Capitalism on the soil of socialism where story of self-reliance remains ‘the writing on the wall’. 


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