Beasts of Burden

If I say ‘globalisation is illusory’, surely most of big brains will counter me specially those who are devoted to analyse critical parameters of international affairs on a number of aspects which are main basis. Again I am saying after a long period of its succession today it seems to be a ‘castle in the air’. It has surely produced numbers of conflicts and has invalidated the ‘philosophy of cooperation’, the main motto. Finally every country is deeply isolated and quite busy in pruning the plethora of predicament and India is not an exception.

Among the number of issues the most miserable counterpart that has been surfaced now is ‘the relocation of migrant labourer and their proper rehab’. Very sensitive and potential aspect of civilisation I am going to deal with. Migrant labourer as well as daily-wage earner have always been a subject of alienation but were never proved to be a subject of conflict effectively. Some scattered incidents of their long-march eventually didn’t confirm the breakdown of the consolidated foundation of ‘bourgeoisie’ stand.
Great poet Rabindranath Tagore in his poem ‘Ora Kaj Kore’ (They toil), written in 1941 expressed his observation on the working class who only can move the wheel of time by their tolerance, patience and hard work and civilisation can see the light of development by their tireless effort.
Yes they are the best demographic dividend of the civilisation. In the complex protocol of the society today if we take an account of them in terms their contribution to GDP, domestic demand and above all as a constituent of Democratic pillar they can never be denied. The Economic Survey of India 2017 estimates that the magnitude of inter-state migration in our country was close to near about one crore annually between 2011 and 2016, while census 2011 pegs the total number of migrants at a staggering 139 million (approximately 14 crore). Altogether 37 per cent of population are migrants by place of birth and so it does contribute 10 per cent to the country’s GDP, will it not be taken in pursuit by the policy planners? Also total earning of them is around 6 per cent of GDP, a meaningful potential for keeping country’s domestic demand alive which may be necessary in near future when the supply side of the economy will start to wake up. So we can’t deny them, the eternal source of civilisation, otherwise it will be a ‘Himalayan’ blunder. Please take right policy initiative to bring this ‘Best’ out of the burden now they are bearing with.


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