Money In Mess!

What is money? Yes money is a capacity to earn whatever we want in the mundane world. ‘Money is everything’, ‘Money is nothing’ all have say in our life. ‘Money is everything’ one day questioned ‘Money is nothing’,” Why I am invalid to you? I have a visible capacity and if you see the Oxfam report on India will be overwhelmed that how I have made a prestigious concentration of wealth to ‘rich people’?” ‘Money is nothing’ replied, “My capacity is not visible like you. I will never say that I have the capacity to knock you down rather I have capacity to make you feel to be knocked down.” 
The tête-à-tête is unending and always leaves us in dichotomy when the journey of life takes a turtle turn and Money inspite of having its capacity fail to restore confidence and the call of ‘Money is nothing’ push us to knock the door of an invisible power, we call almighty. 
Pix by Amit K Sikder

Money as everything has made the civilisation a rudimentary place of an expensive exploitation and massive disparity. When the ‘Forbes list’ of rich people shines on the board of civilisation’s growth, the untold story of poverty runs miles with bare foot on the thorns of scarcities.
As per World Bank estimate 40 million to 60 million people will be imprisoned by extreme poverty in 2020, compared to 2019, depending on the likely shock economies will face. The covid-19 crisis very irksomely started to dismantle the thread of communication and making it hard to reach them who live in fragile countries, and remote areas. Money has made it to scintillating Forbes list but failed to attain poverty – an irony. 
 When money has successfully made the sanctum of legislators fully masked with highest most amenities, then ‘Money is nothing’ is chanting satirically migrants’ running on roads. When policy is the need of the hour then money suggests reforms. When survival is under threat then money calls for production. When people who will work to produce is in distress then money speak for marketing its’ produce. When survival is the key concern Money gives message of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'. Is it confirming the claim of ‘Money is nothing’? The decision is upto you who are enjoying the music of monopoly concentration in the lavish space of relief. But we the so called middle class people in the society who are still carrying the values of life will pray for the people who are in extreme poverty, running on roads to heave a sigh of relief.

Lock ignorance down!

To fight corona is the big bet now. All countries at this moment are left with only one weapon at hand is lockdown. For last few months it’s only being exercised as a measure to contain the spread of the deadly disease. But very sadly we all are on the back foot; death toll is rising exorbitantly mainly in most developed countries endowed with best health infrastructure – an extreme irony of fate. Until a remedy being identified no other options are seen. In this fatal injecture to bring the life in the normal course is a very complicated task. The life wants to be streamlined but the disease is buzzing the alarm. 

Pix by Amit K Sikder

Why the lockdown is not effective to counter the fourteen-day incubation of the virus? Because it is not properly being maintained – the simple answer. Where the lag lies? - A million dollar question. If we see this in our country three consecutive lockdowns have failed to a greater extent to arrest the spread. Is it a failure of the government to make people understand, or most of the people are in an intense ignorance? 
Let me come to the point. Since long we have passed through a number of education reforms though it’s now more apt to call it ‘education sector reforms’ as it commercially a very profit oriented business above all a potential tourist in the FDI route. But what is its stand now? If we observe minutely a simple conclusion can be drawn that it has widened the gap between ‘the education for life’ and ‘the education for livelihood’. Both are very necessary but a balance is needed. An interest group very tactfully have made this gap to enjoy their interest, a very caustic comment already I have made, but it is the true fact. I think now the best slogan for education could be ‘live and let live’ which simultaneously could satisfy ‘social distancing’ with a definition of integrity and solidarity a best reference given by eminent social thinker E Durkheim by his concept ‘The Mechanical Solidarity’. 
Specialisation is very necessary in this globalisation phase but it is more and more important to not to cost the identity. Please don’t let ‘the education for life’ die in doldrums.

Can Corona Cure ‘Conscience in Coma’?

Very critical phase the world is passing by amid lock-down due to Corona outbreak. Everyday we are shattering to a ‘critical region’ of asymmetry of data on socio-economic parameters ranges from food to fever, polity to policy, job to joblessness and above all globalisation to regionalisation – a catastrophic journey of the advanced civilisation for the first time the generation is experiencing with a shiver of making self isolated either or by breaking it. 

Experts across globe are busy in decoding the disease, journalists are trying to bring their best shot, policy planners are at loggerhead, legislators are busy in picking the potential for power to amend the future of their fate; altogether the journey is to find an end of this pandemic from where we can start afresh. The solution apparently seems to be very close but somewhere it ends with an illusion. 
Interestingly in the pre-corona phase when we all were at our as usual life an uneven conflict of interest was of paramount importance in International affairs but the ‘corona inflexion’ now has embedded the whole concentration of the globe within the ‘walls of researching the remedy’. Every moment now is very costly as the arithmetic of the trade-off between lock-down and normalcy alarms us to not to do anything in haste.

Pix by Amit K Sikder

Is it an idle situation to make an inward journey? I mean a high time to decode the basics of the ‘five principles’ of the body or to roam around the crisis with fear and confusions? Let us meditate upon and transcends the supreme power which already exists within. Very interestingly ‘the nature’ has started to heal itself after suffering a prolonged illness out of the advancement of the civilisation and we are being the part of nature are suffering, how can it be? So we are simply left with a ‘crisis of conflict’ within ourselves which is unprecedented. Let us start the journey to integrate ourselves with our mother nature which eternally denies the self abnegation and ‘pollution of thought’. Please think again and again that the ‘mother nature’ is very affectionately reminding us to mingle into the eternal truth. Let us take education from the subtle principles of nature so as to rejuvenate the spirit of life and throw away the menace of ‘corona' – a conscience juggler.