Mystic Music

The understanding of ‘soul’ is an intricate journey. Many Rishis (monks) since long have exerted their best toils to fathom it. From Adi Sannkaracharyya to Swami Vivekananda it’s a big journey. We have body, mind and soul, where body and mind we could realise very easily and always being guided by our mind. But what is the role of soul and what is that? Swami Vivekananda made a strong voyage to spill the beans and finally has given a more explicable view on discourses on Gita, Upanishad. Today how far we have received it? Its very tough to say. 

Pix by Amit K Sikder

Here I am trying to look into the subject from a simple perspective. As a patient of Compressive Myelopathy I have some physical troubles for last five years and to get rid of pains delve into it, given my perceptions, most of the time a day. Sometimes I experience a power is helping me to get out of this bodily feeling but the matter does not keep going. As usual, I enter into the normal habit of thought and the behavioural aspect of normal lifestyle takes over the subtle trick. If that is soul power then given the experience for a glint I must say we are really powerful. 
For a long hour a day I remain put together to listening to Indian classical music especially instruments as have started to learn Sarod in Maihar Gharana under my guru (trainer) Pt Prosenjit Sengupta, a disciple of Prof. Dhyanesh Khan, son of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Putting my foot in this world very curiously learnt a bit about life of father of Maihar Gharana Baba Allauddin Khan – amazing, a musical monk this much I can say. Feel blessed to be a part of this family anyhow. Along with a morsel of religious understanding every stroke on Sarod help me to stay afloat and free from bodily angst. 
Prosenjit Sengupta
My Guruji Prosenjit Sengupta
Music has always been given a prime priority in understanding the supreme power and even today medical research is trying to use it as the best measure to counter the deadly diseases. Beyond medicine, music is the best holistic healer which empowers body’s own antibiotics and helps the diseased body to explore its own potential. To keep the body and mind in a less-disturbed state in this complex socio-economic format for a maximum possible time is the best gain but to keep us in that state is a tricky task of belief system. Religion has that power. Today an unwanted conflict of religious chaos has made the global protocol an unbearable fruit. 

Sorry, let me come to the main context of my study. When it is music, it is by far available dose courtesy the digital world. So there is no problem to get it on the table as par our wish. Now what to do with that? How we could get the best out of it? Just let fly your mind according to the rhythm. Perhaps this is not that much easier or may be. I think the religious understanding could help it a lot as it guides our mind in the direction to keep thyself a little bit safe form all complications of life. And may be a long practice on it could make the session sustainable. 
So far I have written on some terms arbitrarily like soul, Adi Sankaracharyya, Swami Vivekananda, Baba Allauddun Khan, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, music, religion, medical research on music etc. I feel blessed to get a link of all these and think my journey towards the real destiny is guided by the divine power. Yes the religious discourses guide our attitude towards life and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan’s master strokes pave the way of salvation. So let us be musical to the mystical life and make the global protocol an universal consciousness to make a better habitat.