We Need A Budget Push

The gradual decline of Corona infection in country is raising hope of a normal life after a long period. We are trying hard to accommodate all sufferings of a stalled life. Business sentiment of country is surging prominently. Hope we will get back to the course with proper policy backing from the part of the government. With the growing fiscal accumulation on ground of tax collections we are expecting a sound outlay on public spending in the coming budget. Industry lobby are waiting for a comfortable investment climate with the budgetary provisions. General people are waiting for a comprehensive budget announcement so that managing ‘bread and butter’ become bit easier.

The long stalled life has severely hit the low-income unorganised sector workers. The government during the period generously had extended all possible support through its distribution channel and people managed to survive. And now they on their own are fighting to manage to get back to a normal life. A better budgetary support thus will mean high to safeguard the demographic concerns of the country.
Boosting the Supply side
Small business units if get a good budgetary backing would surely mean a lot. Like credit support with some interest exemption will enhance their business as well as profitability concerns and help them to compensate the brunt of lock-down burden. To be very specific the rural economy still contributes significantly to the aggregate demand. So the small business units in rural areas which are significantly concerned to roll over the supply of big industrial units need to survive well. The Union government during immediate unlock stage extended favour of stimulus package to the MSMEs which has significant contribution to the GDP of the economy. Now it is time demanded to overhaul the measure so as to reap the best result. To tone up the supply side of the economy it is highly necessary now.

Pix- Credit: Amit K Sikder
This apart the urban employment generation concern is to be taken care of. The closure of traditional units during quarantined phase should be placed on policy table and need to be revived through a comprehensive parley.     
Experts are pitching for more public spending ahead of budget when we are almost close to a normal due to low Corona infection. And a better public spending thus could be a best measure to bring economy out of the low pandemic trap.
Demand side also needs care
Low income capacity of people still is a cause of concern. The maximum share of population comes under this category and even now is operating below usual income capacity. So the budget must accommodate the cause of employment generation. Agriculture always has been our advantage since the beginning of five-year plans. Unfortunately for more than a decade it is at an abysmal low. Its contribution to GDP is declining gradually.  If the agrarian class get best policy support and see better income potential in cultivation then it will obviously sound well for a robust rural demand for industrial produce. Market orientation of agricultural produce is required to ensure better price but it is of first and foremost priority to make it sure that farming is also a best career option to us. The ongoing chaos over farm laws unfortunately conveys a message of deprivation for the farming community. The marginal farmers don’t understand pros and cons of the law but grossly to most of them its’ a message that the government is against their interest. We don’t know what the final fate of the law is but the gross message to the farming community may hamper the rural sentiment further.
In the forthcoming budget we are expecting a comprehensive announcement which will curtail the social cost of farmers’ stir. Budgetary support for better farming practices is highly required now to dismantle the farmer’s uproar and establish a favourable farming environment. Near about 70 per cent population’s betterment in terms of earning capacity will significantly contribute to the aggregate demand of the economy. Bringing every class to the mainstream of life will be the best democratic success.
This budget beyond economic insinuation needs to penetrate the social context amicably to harmonise the socialisation which miserably is disfigured for an almost anomic stage for long.
As the economy already has started to rebound an all-inclusive budget will help the economy and society to escalate to a buoyant growth trajectory. And we all are waiting for a grand budgetary push.   

Antagonism Of An Anomie

The darker part of life, which is not known to us, spread a scare in us. We are now going through such a trouble which was never within our ordinary perception. During the first phase of the spread of pandemic the whole world was trembling. Surviving with it for a long has made us alert. Now the continued existence of life every moment is burgeoning with an insecurity of an unusual one. Beyond facing hurdles while collecting means of life it is like to trade with life and death now. The need of existence is vehemently running to and fro to act with the crisis. The life and fear of death both does stay alive in parallel.

Pix by Amit K Sikder
‘Social distancing’ is still most accepted way to contain spread of Covid-19 until the medical industry is coming out with a genuine and safe vaccine. But to maintain it religiously is never possible in a populous country where public transportation facilities is at a disproportionate low. To reach to working place on time bounds all to break the protocol of ‘social distancing’. Here justice goes through a reality check and nobody can be claimed.     
To carry with it is next to impossible now amid threatening escalation of unemployment and poverty. A lion share of working force in unorganised sectors is in unbearable distress with low income for long. Many have changed their profession accordingly but scope is very limited with available options and as a consequence of what they are helplessly negotiating with a competitive wage rate which is low enough to deal with the inflationary pressure. The rise in general price level and gradual fall in income counts heavy on purse of general people.
Amid this disorder every country is trying hard to establish growth story with all efforts. Economic stimulus is a common practice by all to rejuvenate life of people to an extent. But when the process of asset creation is devastatingly hit the stimulus has a limitation. It could keep alive the society and economy for a time but not sustainably. Normalisation of every activity is of utmost necessity. All governments on their part are quite generous in extending economic benefits directly or indirectly to the people and the economy.
The long existence of pandemic already has given rise to a condition of an anomie in society. Anomie is a social condition comes in when norms and values which were common to society earlier start to disappear. French sociologist Emile Durkheim has found anomie in the society during its transition when previous set of rules are invalid but the new one yet to be established. Here the strain of economic insecurities and disorders placed upon people instigate to behave in ways that are not conducive to social stability as viewed by sociologist R K Merton. He viewed anomie as a social response as well as a nature of adaptation due to gap between socially approved means and goals. And the condition duly manifest in dysfunction of society. It is a hard time for society to reach stability after connecting dots.
The quarantined society already has witnessed an increasing domestic violence. And violence in varied forms is yet to come if economic and social insecurities continue to linger.                      

Ants Sing ‘Food For All’!

In my last article ‘Let us do an ant in life’ I have shared a view on my learning about a democratic spirit and how religiously it preserved by an insect community. The tiny creature of almighty how nicely is bound by their duties and responsibilities to their society. For their own appetite they toil together. The working class of their community is working day and night in search of food. When it is found, it is for all. They are piously bound by the divine rule of nature and survive cohesively. To get equitably distributed with a morsel of food is their habit and not inflicted by an iniquity a moment. ‘Food for all’ is a highest practiced slogan of their livelihood.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
Hunger and poverty is a looming disaster for long. A global consensus is on work always to contain it. Meanwhile an unwarranted blow of Covid pandemic has hit the resolution harshly. A number of factors like a relatively low agricultural production in sync with population influx, high prices of produce etc contribute to the concern abysmally. Given all these matter of concerns, to come up with a suitable remedy now suffers a massive setback.
In the meantime the second wave of the pandemic has started to invade us. So a lockdown call is on anvil. A number of European countries already have started to exercise it. Amid this hurly-burly to reach to the marginal class with a reason of their survival is facing a severe bottleneck.
According to United Nation (UN) data an estimated 821 million people in world was suffering hunger in 2018.  And in between the belligerence of Covid-19 ruthlessly slaps the UN resolution on achieving the Zero Hunger Target by 2030. Leaders across globe united at the UN in 2000 and come up with a broad consensus called Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to tackle poverty with 2015 deadline. The target of curtailing the figure of poverty to half was very successfully met by 2010, well ahead of the deadline.
To keep the spirit alive the United Nation strives for more effort and launched the programme Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, the mandate for 21st century. “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture” was the key note of the UN line-up. Key focus areas covered under the goal: ending hunger and ensuring access to safe and nutritious food by all; ending all forms of nutrition; doubling agricultural productivity and incomes of marginal producers; ensuring sustainable food production system; increasing flow of investment in agriculture; correcting and preventing trade restrictions and distortions in global agricultural markets and adopting measures to ensure the proper functioning of food commodity markets. In this regard UN agencies like World Food Programme (WFP), World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) come across very successfully with their respective efforts.
Now policies and priorities are at loggerhead. The drastic fall in per capita income due to low working scope is pushing more numbers into the poverty trap. The unfavourable climatic condition, low credit supports all are severely affecting the agricultural productivity and rural livelihood today. In our country the growth of agriculture and its allied sectors has remained stagnant for last six years and thereby hitting the farmers’ income to an appalling level according to the Economic Survey 2019-20 released on January 31, 2020. From the market context it again prove to be painful as the growing population and their demand put huge pressure on supply and finally the price of produce is skyrocketing. And thus for the marginal class fulfilling the appetite everyday is going to be a distant dream.  
The pandemic is keeping us in such isolation where the whole spectrum of the allocation pattern of resources is suffering a big.
To survive with this crisis an ant song of ‘Food for all’ for the time being will be a best practice of self-reliance. Now in every community to share food with each other will be a best ‘Ant’ practice. For our appetite we all come together. Fighting it together will make the journey easier. When the pandemic will over the ‘Ant’ philosophy will help us to fight poverty with a new enthusiasm.

Ref:   https://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/food/index.html    


Let Us Do An Ant In Life

For last few days I am quite puzzled with an indecent behaviour of ants. They are roaming everywhere in my home. They are searching even places like my study table, bed etc where there have no chance of having a morsel of food. Last few days I have spent enough time with them to study their behaviour. To experiment with their activity I place some sugar cubes on the floor and amazingly one ant first visit the place and go back but don’t carry it. After sometime they came in numbers and start collecting it. This behaviour of a tiny insects teach me a high philosophy of life, I am fully plagued. Their social bondage and living style uniquely mark a significance of an elevated way of life.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
Great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore’s first journey into the intricate world of highest creativity and art started with an avid observation on them. A typical dish of Bengali comprised of Amsatta (an Indian fruit leather made out of mango pulp), Dudh (milk) and Sandesh (is a dessert made out of milk and sugar) when is being enjoyed by someone with a sound ‘Hapus Hupus’ (a Bengali colloquial used to represent sound of eating liquid or semi-liquid food) only few ants are approaching it, this event was first scripted by Tagore in his creative world.              
There are several reasons of their intrusion in home. I am not going to that topic. To get rid of this for the time being I was enquiring about how to control their movement. But at the end my ‘mission ant’ concluded with a best learning in my life and lured me to write something what I have perceived so far. When workers of their community find a source of food they return to their colony and on the way excrete a chemical called pheromone, which triggers a social response in members, and make a trail so that it becomes easier to others to find the food. What a sense of togetherness they practice in their life. And the whole algorithm of their movement at the behest of togetherness leaves us with a highest lesson of life.
Where we lack the Pheromones of life? The gradual growth of civilisation has brought a radical change in our life. We have grown manifold in number of aspects but somewhere live a solitary in society. The breakdown of joint-family system into micro-family concept is a crude example of that. It does not benefit us anyway rather make us more isolated and severely blocks the all-round development of mental etiquette.
How we can restore a habit of Pheromones in our life? This quarry should get a priority call I think for making society a secured place of participation. We don’t lack in resources. Yes we have. Like ants we have our democracy pheromone. It has a tremendous will to gather us together in a moment. The highest philosophy of democracy will help us to play an ant in our life. Today this moment I am highly optimistic about bringing back all our lost identities in life in a radical way. Democracy here will help us a big to collect our food and livelihood.
While trying to find a way-out on how to control ants in house in internet I got some interesting information. Like, they symbolise good luck and prosperity. I am not sure about it. But it genuinely has blessed me with a clue of how to prosper in life. From today onwards the strict algorithm of ants will be my best learning in life. And above all it has unfolded me with an understanding of the highest philosophy of democracy. My puzzle with ants finally has finished with a message of prosperity for all. Let us do ant in life.      


A Desire And An Economics

In language of economics a desire does not mean anything until and unless get a monetary backing. The money, a medium of exchange, has only capacity of making desire a reality. This hardcore economic proposition has a limitation indeed. Time and again desire does an immense shock to the nature of social advancement. To turn into an effective demand shall not be binding upon the desire. Desire is such an attitude of life which play beyond length and breadth of economics at ease. It never bothers the market fundamentals. A demand for goods and services so does fair enough. But desire, an invisible quotient of human psychology, on both count of good and bad has enough to do.
Pix by Amit K Sikder
Amazingly a desire for a good always may not be manifested a good. Be at a stake on its way to get a reality if a good desire avail unfair means the society suffers worse. Without a solid surveillance of education and belief derailment of a good deed of desire at the end is obvious.
The Gurukul system of education, a type of spiritual education system, whose origin dates back to around 5000 BC in the Indian subcontinent where students were taught various subjects and mainly how to live cultured and disciplined life. The moral of simple living and high thinking was the key postulate of the system. Today it is mostly commercialised and the desire of education falls prey to profit. Here economics can take a note of the literacy figure, skilled labour, employment growth etc but miserably fails to count the ethic index of the labour force as well as its productivity. Thus a critical labour law and wage policy may not produce enough. The lack of moral concern in education, beyond productivity is subject to a huge social cost. On the other hand the profit motive of organisations sometimes may not go in tandem with labourer’s wish and produce conflict and costs the society. Exchange of better cooperation comes only from a moral gesture not from the mere education of production technique and management. Moreover I would like to say that managing something may not be a sustainable solution to a problem. Here the urge of making education an industry is within the reach of economics but the real desire of education is in distress at the hand of profit motivation (a profit economics).       
A desire for building a better society, nation never sound bad if and only if it is monitored by a fair and generous attitude. To get hold on to best intention is a hard assignment given complex socio-economic protocol. At this fatal injecture stand firm and fight with the evil’s foray deserves a pat.
Most of evils like poverty, economic deprivation, corruption, racial discrimination, climate-influenced migration and hunger etc all prevalent in society today are visible dragon of desire. Economics has less to do with it though it minutely reads the behavioural aspects. Taking the case of poverty we see how governments are putting their best effort and policies in curbing its reckless growth, but the whole has failed to a greater extent. The economic deprivation is an integral part of poverty. The class disparity mainly pivoting to this crisis and a wider spread of a sense of discrimination is provoking numbers of social aspects. Racial discrimination is very costly to the development of society, hampers the core economic fundamentals harshly but Economics here is helpless. In my opinion the consideration of rationality here bypass a lot in arresting the social cost.
The best capability of every fundamentals in society get realised optimally if the foundation of life is based on an ethical spirit. The ethic has a bias in law in a sense but guided exclusively by an internal motivation that’s its only one of its kind.
An economics may fail to arrest the diversified dimension of desire but a moral policing could bring us a better environment curtailing the social cost to an extent.
In the midst of pandemic the domestic violence has grown manifold. Among all reasons the fear of economic insecurity here plays a big. A desire for a minimum livelihood can’t be denied but most painfully here the desire turns violent in want of opportunities. This limited desire of survival is a fundamental right but the economics fails to reach. We want that economics which is ready to console the desire crying for a monetary backing so that the dream of minimum livelihood become a reality.